Why Paradise Trippies is a highly recommended game

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Non-fungible tokens have emerged as one of the most promising assets in the crypto market. With its popularity, it has led to the creations of NFT collections like Paradise Trippies and the coinciding game developed by Caleta Gaming.

This collection of NFTs consists of 10,000 art pieces. They all vary in value but you can always expect that all of the NFTs in the collection are high-quality. They were designed by Rui Duarte and Joe Ruiz who are both good illustrators in their own right.

Duarte is an accomplished storyboard and comic artist with a history in the NFT space with Bulls on the Block. On the other hand, Ruiz is a Georgia-based painter and illustrator who has been part of the creation of many popular books, games, and print work.

With all of the NFT Paradise Trippies discussions, we should also take a look at the slot game that made the collection popular.

The play-to-earn model is a landmark achievement for slots

The crypto market is now stacked with play-to-earn games because people want to earn their way to win rewards like NFTs and cryptocurrency. The play-to-earn mechanic works because players want to get a valuable in-game asset like what you can see in games like CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity. It encourages constant gameplay because if they keep playing, they will have more chances to earn the rewards.

Since the games are decentralised, you won’t have to deal with the developers messing with the rewards. That was the case for the top two play-to-earn games while the Paradise Trippies slot game is more of a tweaked version of the model. It is still play-to-earn, however, the rewards are not in-game assets but NFTs. This is a landmark moment for the crypto market because more games will be influenced by this innovation.

Caleta has proven that they are a top casino game developer

While they are mostly known for their work on Paradise Trippies’ slot game, Caleta Gaming should be recognised as a top-tier developer. They have created games such as Fright Night, Magic Forest, China Charms, and many more that can be considered one of the best games that you can play on online casinos.

Caleta has high aspirations which are why they tackled such a huge project like the slot game for Paradise Trippies. They want to be innovators which is why they offered tons of features aimed to give the players the best experience possible.

The Paradise Trippies slot game is optimised well

The slot game market is quite diverse because the game can be tweaked in various ways such as theme and design. Paradise Trippies’ slot game is one of the most unique because it offers rewards that are unconventional with NFTs.

It helps that Caleta optimised the game well because it is designed properly and the game feels easy to play with the user interface and the simple model of slot games. This game is a solid recommendation to any slot game fan but it can also be a good choice for people who are into NFTs.

The NFT Paradise Trippies slot game will be one of the best titles moving forward. It has been popular since its release in early 2022 and it will continue growing into one of the top games in the market. Due to its popularity, expect more games of its kind to follow in the long term future.

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