A surprising fourth indictment could be brought against Trump hangs over the 2024 race

Fourth indictment could be brought against Trump

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This week, Donald Trump faces yet another probable criminal charge, which would add to his already extraordinary legal predicament and further divert an unprecedented election season from the campaign path into numerous courtrooms.

Trump for 2024 election
Donald Trump is expected to be charged with another crime this week, adding to his already unusual legal situation and deviating the historically historic election season from the campaign trail and into several courtrooms. (Photo: La Monde)

At least two witnesses to testify before a grand jury on Tuesday

A report from CNN, a clue that the investigation into the former president’s attempt to overturn his 2020 election loss in Georgia, a crucial swing state, is reaching its conclusion is that Democratic prosecutor Fani Willis of the Atlanta region has invited at least two important witnesses to testify before a grand jury on Tuesday. Willis is anticipated to file accusations against over a dozen individuals. Trump anticipates being one of them and is already generating revenue by framing the potential for additional criminal accusations as Democratic attempts to sway the 2024 race.

If Trump is indicted again, the new charges would be the third in a row. In Manhattan, he will already stand trial in March on accusations of business fraud stemming from a 2016 hush money payment to an adult film actress. In addition, he is being investigated by special counsel Jack Smith in two other federal investigations: one in Florida investigating his handling of secret materials and the other in Washington, DC, regarding his attempts to sabotage the 2020 election. He has so far entered a not guilty plea in every prosecution.

However, there will be significant distinctions between the probable Georgia case and Trump’s earlier indictments. Trump’s 2024 campaign has largely evolved into an extension of his legal defense, but if he wins a second term, it will be much more difficult for him to influence any trial or conviction in Georgia because he lacks the presidential powers that would allow him to meddle in local matters.

Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, claimed on CNN Newsroom on Saturday that according to Georgia’s pardoning procedure, not only would he not be allowed to pardon himself, but neither would Gov. (Brian) Kemp. A board for pardons exists. So the process is more difficult. Additionally, he would be unable to end the probe in the same manner.

Trump might contend in state courts that he is exempt from state indictments if he wins the presidency in November 2024, but that would launch a protracted era of constitutional dispute. However, he could appoint a new attorney general in Washington who would be able to stop Smith’s federal inquiries.

Georgia could face more serious accusations than the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case, which is also not a federal case. They would encompass actions during Trump’s tenure as president, and he is currently the front-runner for the Republican party to run in a general election where Georgia is probably going to be a crucial battleground.

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Expectations that the Willis probe has reached a tipping point

In an article from the La Monde said that there are also hints that the 2020 post-election drama would result in a Willis case that would be the largest yet. She has been considering filing charges in accordance with the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), which would enable her to lay forth a detailed account of a fictitious conspiracy involving numerous parties. Although Smith mentioned other co-conspirators in his indictment of Trump for his post-election actions, he has not yet filed charges against others, perhaps in an effort to expedite the prosecution against the former president given the political gravity of an upcoming election.

Expectations that the Willis probe has reached a tipping point before potential indictments increased when Geoff Duncan, a former Republican lieutenant governor of the state who is now a CNN contributor, revealed on Saturday that he had been instructed to testify before a Fulton County grand jury on Tuesday. George Chidi, an independent journalist, announced on social media that he had also gotten a summons. Jen Jordan, a Democratic state senator, was previously cited by CNN as having gotten subpoenas to appear before a grand jury later this month.

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