Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 17 Review: The Friendly Skies

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Without Ziggy’s assistance, Ben attempts to outsmart hijackers on a 1970s passenger plane in Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 17, The Friendly Skies. The penultimate episode of the season doesn’t let up, providing a hearty helping of narrative turns and turns for an action-packed hour of escape.

The Friendly Sky addresses the effects of Magic and Janis’ discussion of Ziggy. We are aware that Martinez utilizes Ziggy in the future for his leaps and has access to Ziggy in the present, allowing him to keep track of Ben’s whereabouts and movements. Naturally, Ian is upset by the choice to turn Ziggy off because they worked so hard to get the super hybrid computer back online.

While The Friendly Skies focuses primarily on action and driving the plot, it also offers important Ben character growth. With Martinez’s betrayal, Ben suffers and questions whether he can ever trust anyone again.

Raymond Lee takes advantage of their gullibility by taking a subtly different approach. He never overacts, and the same is true in this situation. His charismatic on-screen persona is ideal for more nuanced character beats.

Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 17 Review: The Friendly Skies | Tell-Tale TV

Ben needs to learn this lesson now more than ever as he rushes to make his final leap. After the Martinez incident, Ben too began to doubt himself, and the episode handles Ben’s insecurity as gracefully and deftly as it does Lee’s.

In addition, Ian and Jenn have a few entertaining exchanges as the latter helps the former deal with Ziggy’s absence. Ian lacks self-confidence and questions whether they are capable of assisting the team without the aid of a supercomputer.

Mason Alexander Park delivers the episode’s most memorable humorous moments while expertly portraying the subtleties of Ian’s misery. The biggest chuckles from this reviewer were caused by Park’s subtle yet superb comedic timing.

Of course, we must note Ben and Ian’s eagerly anticipated reunion. In episode 2 Ben would have had trouble remembering Ian, but by Episode 17, Ben is now aware of his colleague. It’s entertaining to see their chemistry develop so quickly. Lee and Park have a great rapport.

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The closing beat of The Friendly Skies, when Ben leaps into the future, is skillfully enhanced by their scene aboard the plane. The fact that he jumped into the future for the first time and ended up in a Los Angeles had experienced a nuclear winter is noteworthy. Ben discovers an older Ian camped out among the destroyed offices of Team Quantum Leap.

The Friendly Skies delivers the largest cliffhanger for the series to date, setting the stage for what will undoubtedly be an exhilarating thrill ride of a season finale. From a narrative and structural perspective, it’s not the best episode, but it’s engaging, plays with character dynamics, and adds a lovely dash of humor.

This episode has a sense of liberation and humor that’s missing from earlier ones. The current edition of Quantum Leap appears to know what it is and is confident in moving forward. It’s enjoyable to observe.

Quantum Leap S01 Ep. 17 Preview: Ben Leaps Into Some Unfriendly Skies

Unexpected Observations

  • I love that losing trivia night was the most crucial thing to Ian when they met Ben on the plane. They ve got their priorities in order.
  • Ben pulls off that red dress. He s got legs for days, as the kids say.
  • It would be incredibly difficult to hold your tongue around that captain as a woman. He s a textbook good ole boy misogynist.
  • In case you haven t noticed, our Quantum Leap team likes to place a lot of bets. I m sure the amount of money they ve given each other for said bets would have too many zeroes to count.
  • I want to ride a plane with a bar on the second level! When I fly, I consider it a luxury if I get extra legroom and an outlet to charge my phone

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