Sanditon Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Episode Two

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On an entertaining episode, a royal snub, a little village shrinking for people seeking obscurity, and a chance to safeguard Georgiana’s fortune take center stage. Episode 2 of Season 3 of Sanditon.

After that shocking revelation in Episode One, Charlotte makes the decision to remain in Sanditon while Ralph leaves for Willingden. She does this to show moral support for Tom and Mary as they work to hire an attorney to protect Charlotte’s inheritance from Lockhart’s unscrupulous hands.

Harry’s attempts to assist Arthur in getting Ms. Greenhorn to sing for the recital despite the King’s obvious, rumor-starting absence make for a funny hour. And because this isSanditon,and there had to be something in the water, quite a few intriguing romantic entanglements have viewers running the gamut of sensations over the hour.

Sanditon Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Episode Two | Tell-Tale TV

From the tense moments when Charlotte and Alexander are near one another to the entertaining and perhaps true spark of a second romance centered around Lady Denham and Mr. Pryce.

I like that the tiny beachside town can still provide a fresh romantic perspective even after two seasons.

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Speaking of praise, I would want to note that it is admirable that Lady Susan has been given greater depth this late in the game. She appears more human and real in the world they have created when we catch a glimpse of her more vulnerable side

But let’s get back to Charlotte and Alexander, who, thanks to Rose Williams and Ben Lloyd-Hughes, are able to skillfully balance their nearly unbearable anguish with moments of humor or serendipitous events as well as the beginnings of scheming by those who are closest to them. As a result, you find yourself completely engrossed in their story.

The last gaze between Lady Susan and Colbourne’s brother, Samuel, suggests that matchmaking schemes will take center stage in the upcoming episodes.

On the more aggravating portions of the hour, no matter how this whole thing plays out, Edward s pursuit of Augusta feels wrong.

Sanditon' Season 3 Review: A Gratifying Love Letter to Period Drama Fans -  Marvelous Geeks Media

It’s challenging to get into this redemption arc concept after everything he did to Esther last season. You just can t come back from that.

What purpose does his presence have, if not to serve as a catalyst for some aspect of Augusta’s final season arc, if he is simply repeating the beats from the previous two seasons?

After everything he’s done, it feels predatory. Augusta is young and impressionable, and despite her belief in her ability to hold her own in any scenario, her storyline with Edward is becoming more of a chore than an exciting piece of this puzzle

The episode ultimately returns to Georgiana’s struggle for what is rightfully hers, which served as the season’s main plot point.

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After being subjected to the rumors in the community and Samuel’s mock cross-examination, it is distressing to watch her alternate between deciding not to go and deciding to fight.

But even as she watches Ms. Greenhorn perform, a commitment to young women and broken hearts in a scene that suggests some exciting possibility for many Sanditon residents and visitors, the conflict within her persists.

With the trial next episode, a few questions still persist.

What evidence does Lockhart have to back his claim? Is it possible that Georgianna’s mother is testifying? Or is it just plain old-fashioned racism and privilege on the part of the white male?

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