SpaceX Starship Engine Roars to Life in Lunar-like Cold, Paving the Way for Artemis Mission

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In a recent test conducted at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, the SpaceX Starship engine successfully fired up in frigid lunar-like conditions, marking a crucial step towards the Artemis 3 lunar mission, set to take place in either 2025 or 2026.

SpaceX Starship Engine Roars to Life in Lunar-like Cold
SpaceX Starship Engine Roars to Life in Lunar-like Cold ( Photo: Teslarati )

SpaceX, the trailblazing aerospace company, has achieved a significant milestone in its mission to deliver astronauts to the lunar surface via the SpaceX Starship engine

This “cold engine” test was designed to demonstrate the capability of SpaceX’s powerful Raptor engine to reignite in the harsh environment of space after departing Earth, ensuring the safety of the astronauts on their journey to the moon’s surface. SpaceX proudly shared a video on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), showcasing the steaming-cold Raptor engine in action.

Despite facing challenges earlier this year when the fully stacked SpaceX Starship engine encountered issues during its maiden voyage, SpaceX has diligently worked to address these concerns. Following an investigation supervised by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), SpaceX undertook 57 necessary corrections, bringing the company closer to a second launch attempt. Founder and CEO Elon Musk has hinted at the possibility of a rapid relaunch, with the FAA potentially granting a new Starship launch license as early as October.

NASA officials expressed their confidence in SpaceX’s progress, highlighting the importance of these SpaceX Starship engine tests in validating the systems required for lunar missions

While Artemis 3 remains the target mission date, NASA Associate Administrator Jim Free has emphasized NASA’s readiness to proceed with an alternate mission if necessary, potentially postponing the lunar landing until a future mission, like Artemis 4.

With multiple successful Starship launches and SpaceX Starship engine performance milestones on their radar, NASA and SpaceX continue their collaborative efforts under the Artemis Accords, ensuring that humanity takes another historic step toward exploring the Moon‘s mysteries.


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