AG James is being sued by a New York County executive for prohibiting transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports

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To stop state Attorney General Letitia James from enforcing his order prohibiting transgender athletes from participating towards biological females in sporting competitions at venues inside his county, an elected official representing a suburb of New York City has sued the former.

In response to James’ cease-and-desist letter on the subject, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman has sued her and requesting an Eastern District of New York federal court to provide him the authority to enact the ban.

The lawsuit is a result of an executive order that Blakeman signed on February 22 and which prohibits trans athletes from participating against biological females in any Nassau County parks or any county property.

The unfair competitive benefit that men enjoy is the reason we established this policy, Blakeman stated on Wednesday at a press conference held at his Mineola, Long Island, office. “They have greater size, speed, and strength. It is a known scientific fact.

Blakeman stated that a “unfair level of competition develops when a biological male participates against biological females, in addition to acknowledging the risk of serious harm to biological females.” Marc and Jeanine Mullen, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, along with 16-year-old daughter plays women’s volleyball in Nassau County, also agreed with Blakeman.

Through this action, the plaintiffs hope to stop the defendants from carrying out the identical actions that they have accused County Executive Bruce A.

“Blakeman has engaged in unconstitutional discrimination against individuals based on gender within the restricted and specific context of athletic events,” the lawsuit claims.

In accordance with Blakeman’s directive, all sports teams, leagues, initiatives, or groups that apply for a county parks and recreation department permission must disclose the athletes’ “biological gender at birth.”

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