Serena Williams Closing The Curtain On Tennis: A Look At An Illustrious Career

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On the ninth of August, during a teary speech, Serena Williams announced that she would be closing the curtain on playing tennis professionally after the US Open. It was an emotional period for all tennis fans because everyone knew how much she had given to the game over the years.

Fortunately, we still got to add her to our US Open picks. However, that would be the last time we see Williams compete for a grand slam. Williams remains one of the most decorated Tennis players in both the Men and Women’s divisions. We can all agree that she has paid her dues, and retiring is not a bad feat for the world-class Tennis player.

For many years, she had bossed the sport giving us memorable moments, and we could tell that she wanted to keep going, and we would love that, but we can’t cheat nature. With her calling it quits, we would like to look back at her career and how she has bossed the sports all these years.

About Serena Williams and Early Years

Serena Jameka Williams is a US-born professional tennis player born on the 26th of September 1981. She is the youngest of five daughters in the Oracene Price and Richard Williams family. Williams started playing tennis at four and was home-schooled by her father, while he and her mother were her official coaches.

She also had another coach, who also had the name Richard Williams who is the founder of the Venus and Serena Williams Tennis Tutorial Academy. Serena Williams had a pretty decent childhood, and she was able to develop as a young tennis player. She competed in the US Tennis Association junior tour for a while and reached the number one spot.

Professional Career

Serena Williams made her professional debut in 1995, and for the first three years, she was a budding talent that went into the Bell Challenge, despite being 16. Although she lost in the first round and didn’t qualify for the next competition, she continued to push, and in 1998, she got to Medibank International Sydney.

From there, she became a sensation and continued to compete professionally as a single and double with her sister Venus. Every pundit and expert at the time could tell she would one day make it to one of the top US Open predictions if she continued to play at this rate. And it was what we saw.

Entering the Top 10

In 1999, her journey to the top ten officially started, and even though she lost in the third round of the Australian Open that year, she won her first professional singles title a month later. From there, we couldn’t deny the fact that she would go on to become one of the best tennis players, but no one could predict how far she would go.

Solidifying the G.O.A.T Status

In 2002, Serena Williams exploded, and after suffering an injury that got her to withdraw from Medibank International and Australia, she returned with much more confidence. We had the Serena Slam between 2002 and 2003, where she won different titles. She went on to win plenty of titles during her career.

In the record, Serena Williams is ranked fifth with 73 titles. Undoubtedly, she remains one of the top names in the greatest of all-time debate. We expect that she will remain in that spot for a long time. In the Women’s division, Serena Williams is one of the first names on the sheet whenever we want to make US Open tennis predictions.

Injuries, Setbacks, and Comebacks

Over the years, Serena Williams has suffered a few injuries and setbacks on the court. There have been heartbreaking moments when she had to withdraw from the tournament. It is a normal part of the sport, and we saw a resilient Serena even play through injuries to entertain the fans.

Even through her pregnancy, Williams graced the court and showed that she’s a fighter that can do it and deliver in any conditions. We’re lucky to have witnessed such an enigma in our lifetime. It would take a long time to see any player that can reach the height Serena has touched in the Tennis world.

Taking the Top Spot and Returning to Dominance

Serena Williams spent a lot of time at the top of the rankings. We barely saw her out of the top ten. And even after a short span outside the top zones due to external issues, Williams worked her way back to the top. She is one of the best tennis players in the world and will remain so for many years.

She brought so much joy, motivation, and hope to many people that want to start playing tennis. During her career, we could tell that the push was for complete dominance. We saw her do it as a single player and when she was on a doubles team. Undoubtedly, she is a force in the tennis world.

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