The Battle of Nick Saban Vs. Deion Sanders, Jimbo Fisher, and the NIL

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It looks as if Nick Saban loves the headlines almost as much as he loves the National Title game in college football. And we all love gossip and, well, pretty much anything to do with Deion Sanders. Come on; now, he’s Primetime for a reason. Throw in a little Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban back and forth, and that’s all the gossip you need to keep you satisfied.

Is the gossip true? Did Deion Sanders use the NIL to get Jackson State a top-ranked recruit for the first time in HBCU history? More importantly, how is this and the NIL going to affect our college football picks? How does Vegas feel about the move and predictions and odds? All this and some back and forth between good ol’ pals Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher. My, how they love each other.

The beef between Saban and Fisher goes all the way back to when Jimbo Fisher left Nick Saban at LSU and turned down his offer to join him at Alabama. Ever since then, there’s been an all-out rivalry between the two, with Saban, as expected, getting the best of Fisher pretty much all the time and, in the process, winning an unprecedented 7 National titles.

This year, the NCAA teams were granted permission to pay players for their image and likeness, and in return highly affects our college football predictions. Of course, Saban, not able to accept defeat, had to accuse Hall of Famer Sanders, arguably the greatest defensive player to ever play football, of buying top-rank recruit Travis Hunter. Primetime, in a few words, made Saban eat crow. After Saban tried to talk privately with Sanders, Primetime wanted none of it. Saban made it public, and Sanders wanted to squash it public.

Saban didn’t stop at Primetime, though. He then went on to accuse Jimbo Fisher of pretty buying his whole team and coaching. Fisher didn’t take this too lightly to that, though. Fisher then went on to fire back at Saban, stating nobody has more skeletons in their closet than Saban, and with a little bit of research, nobody would ever look at Saban the same. I could only imagine Fisher was talking about Saban buying players when it was not legal yet.

Saban has done a lot of things in his career and for college football. His career has been amazing. But, in comparison to what Sanders did, winning in not only football but baseball as well. Being one of the greatest football players of all time and even the greatest of all time to some people. Stop it, Saban; who wouldn’t want to play for Sanders.

The NIL and Its Impact on Betting

In terms of Saban and Alabama, nothing has changed. Alabama is still favored to win it all this year and probably no doubt will. With it, Alabama has all the college football picks against the spread in favor of winning this game. They have been a powerhouse for like ever and probably will be for as long as Saban is there. There’s a reason they call the Title game the Saban Invitational. It’s because of Nick Saban. Alabama is currently ranked number one, and for a good reason. 

Fisher and Texas A&M still have championship expectations, but that’s what they are, just expectations. Fisher is yet to name their starting quarterback, and they just don’t have the roster that Saban and Alabama have. They’ll still be fun to watch, at least. Be sure to tune on October 8th when the sixth-ranked Texas A&M Aggies take on Alabama. It’s sure to be a good one.

Primetime Deion Sanders and Jackson State still have a ways to go. That fails in comparison to what Sanders has been able to do in such a short amount of time, and you can bet your bottom dollars that Sanders will continue to make history, and he is the last person you want to count out. Those kids play for him in ways never seen before. I truly believe it’s only a matter of time until he brings a championship to Jackson State. The first time ever for an HBCU. Thank you, Primetime, for all you’ve done. I can’t wait to see it; hopefully, it comes at Saban and Alabama’s expense.

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