What Fresh Memes Did Auburn’s Twitter Feed Erupt with Following Their Preseason Game Victory?

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  • Auburn beat Alabama Huntsville 87-69. Now that Auburn’s basketball season has started, defeated fans can make memes again.
  • Some teams’ official accounts made fun of meme bombs by adding “go for it” to their final scores last year.
  • Allen Flanigan and Jaylin Williams were the Tigers’ heroes, Flanigan regained his athletic form, while Williams scored 16 points to lead the squad to victory. Tigers freshman guard Shot Westry, who could be a star, missed this game.
  • Despite the win, everyone talked about the Tigers’ free-throw percentage. Auburn made 23 of 34 free throws (67.6%)
  • The Tigers should remedy this as the season goes on. Let’s look at Auburn’s preseason win over Alabama Huntsville memes.

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