Governor Ron De Santis’ $450 Stimulus Check Is Not Well Received by Elderly and Childless Floridians

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The $450 Stimulus Check left out several seniors and others without children who are struggling to pay their bills.

How Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rewarded Floridians with $450 stimulus checks

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rewarded Floridians with $450 stimulus checks for each child, using the same money he said was generating record-high inflation. Since then, many Floridians have claimed a need for financial aid in order to pay their expenses. Disabled and SSI-receiving seniors have been excluded from receiving stimulus funds. People without children feel that Governor Ron DeSantis is discriminating against them, and they believe that everyone should receive a stimulus package.

Governor Ron DeSantis' $450 stimulus check is not well received by elderly and childless Floridians

My goal was to cast a light on all of those registered voters who commented on the post and stated their worry that the Florida government is not doing more to support their residents without children. “What about all those individuals on disability and SSI?” asked one Floridian. We’re in the same boat. “We’re going through the same thing.”

He just unveiled a new plan to “counter the rising expenses of inflation.” Even more so when the start of a new school year draws near. DeSantis added in an accompanying letter that “the State of Florida is sending you $450 for each child in your care.” You can spend the one-time payment for anything you choose, from diapers to gas.

What did Casey DeSantis announce?

Casey DeSantis, the first lady, made the announcement just a few days ago. The Pathway to Prosperity Initiative is in need of financial help from the community. What Floridians don’t like about it right now.

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U.S. Census Bureau estimates show that:

About 16.5 percent of all people in the United States are senior citizens.

With a senior citizen population of 21%, Florida leads the way, followed by Maine (20 percent ).

Elderly residents are a minority in Utah, followed by Alaska (11.8%). (11.1 percent ).

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