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8ch.net is an online forum where users can post comments, share pictures, and otherwise interact with each other. The site has a relatively large user base, which means that it’s a valuable source of traffic for businesses looking to build a presence online. In this blog article, we will explore 8ch.net traffic analytics and market share. By understanding how 8ch.net works and what kind of information can be gleaned from its traffic data, you can better understand how to target your marketing efforts toward the right audience and grow your business through the power of online discussion.

What is 8ch.net?

8ch.net is a website and online forum dedicated to the discussion of video games, anime, manga, music, and other popular Internet content. The site has an extensive user-generated content section and allows users to post comments and links to their own content. In addition to its main website, 8ch.net also operates several additional websites, including 8chan.co (a discussion board for topics related to Anonymous), 4chan2.com (an imageboard for posting images and GIFs), and an image hosting service called Imgur. According to Quantcast, 8ch.net had an estimated 2 million monthly visitors in May 2017.

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How Does 8ch.Net Measure Traffic?

8ch.net measures traffic through a number of different methods, including:

-Total website traffic (from Alexa)
-Unique visitors (from comScore)
-Monthly pageviews (from SimilarWeb)
-Average time on site (from Google Analytics)

8ch.net’s market share can be seen in the following graph, which illustrates how 8ch.net compares to other major social networks:

What Are the Most Popular Boards on 8ch.Net?

8ch.net is a popular forum and social media platform with more than 250,000 registered users. The site’s content is primarily focused on the anonymous sharing of information and opinions online.

The most popular boards on 8ch.net are politics (31%), gaming (20%), and technology (15%). Other popular boards include atheism (5%), anime/manga (4%), and chan culture (4%).

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How Does 8ch.Net Generate Revenue?

8ch.net is a popular online forum and content sharing website with over 260,000 registered users. 8ch.net generates revenue through the sale of ad space on its site and through subscription fees for premium membership services. In 2017, 8ch.net generated $1.4 million in revenue.


Today, we are going to be taking a look at 8ch.net and their traffic analytics. We want to see where their traffic is coming from, what demographics they are targeting, and how well they are doing in terms of market share. After looking at these figures, we would like to offer some advice on how best to utilize this site for your business needs.

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