Agazeta.Com.Br Traffic Analytics & Market Share

Join For Personal Benefits News is a website that offers news and information about agricultural products, machinery, and services. The website has been operational since 2002 and is headquartered in Brazil. In this blog post, we will take a look at’s traffic analytics and market share. We will also discuss the website’s content, design, and user experience.

Agazeta.Com.Br Traffic Overview is one of the top 10,000 websites in the world and receives millions of unique visitors per month. The site has a strong global reach and is particularly popular in Brazil, where it ranks as the 9th most popular website.’s popularity has grown steadily over the past few years, and it now boasts a very impressive Alexa Rank of 5,437. The site’s traffic is also very well distributed, with visits coming from all over the world.

The vast majority of’s traffic comes from organic search (88%), followed by direct traffic (8%), referrals (3%), and social media (1%). This shows that the site has a very strong presence in search engines and is attracting a lot of direct traffic as well.

Looking at’s average pageviews per visitor, we can see that the site is doing a good job of engaging its audience and keeping them coming back for more. The average visitor views 3.7 pages per visit, which is above average for most websites

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Agazeta.Com.Br Traffic by Country

According to, is most popular in Brazil, with a global rank of 147,827 and a rank of 7,732 in Brazil. The site has a bounce rate of approximately 71% and an average time on site of around four minutes.

Agazeta.Com.Br Traffic by Category traffic statistics and market share for digital adults in Brazil according to comScore Media Metrix are summarized below. The website is ranked #64 in Brazil with a market share of 0.24% See traffic statistics for other countries (Digital adults in Brazil).

Category Percent of Visitors
News/Information 47.40%
Entertainment 21.70%
Portals 17.30%
Sports 7.60%
Lifestyle 5.00% is a Brazilian news site that covers a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, and lifestyle content. The site is ranked #64 in Brazil with a market share of 0.24%.

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Agazeta.Com.Br Top Referrers top referrers

1. Facebook – 26.8%
2. Google – 12.6%
3. Yahoo! – 8.5%
4. BING – 5.4%
5. Twitter – 2.7%

Agazeta.Com.Br Social Media Engagement

As one of the most popular news websites in Brazil, receives a lot of traffic and engagement on social media. The site has over 9 million likes on Facebook and almost 6 million followers on Twitter. In addition,’s YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers.’s social media engagement is high, with the site regularly publishing content that is shared widely by users. For example, a recent post about the death of legendary Brazilian footballer Pelé was shared over 200,000 times on Facebook alone. This high level of engagement ensures that remains one of the most popular news websites in Brazil.

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Although is ranked relatively low in terms of traffic and market share, it is still a popular website in Brazil. If you are looking for Brazilian news, is a great option. The website offers a variety of articles on current affairs, politics, business, and more.

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