All Fun, No Filler: Top Gaming Titles to Try in 2022

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In recent years, the concept of ‘gamification’ has taken off. Gamification is the practice of turning a certain practice into a game to infuse more depth or entertainment into a process. For example, companies like DuoLingo rely on gamification to enhance their language-learning app, as playing games has been linked to boosting memory.

A company onboarding a brand new employee might do the same. Rather than ask an employee to memorize a manual, they hire a developer to create a dynamic game that makes onboarding simpler. Even Coco Chanel got involved in gamification by creating the Chanel Arcade, which bridged arcade games with Chanel merchandizing.

But not everyone wants to play a game to learn something new (or sample Chanel’s latest lipstick line). Instead, they just want to offline their brains and have some fun—without worrying about super-quick reflexes, complicated rules, or figuring out how to defeat a boss.

If you’re looking for some straightforward fun that’s accessible from a mobile device, look no further—we’ve collected five of the most entertaining and easy-to-enjoy games available in 2022.


Casino gaming tends to involve a lot of logistical thinking and mathematical probabilities, especially in games like blackjack and roulette. But that’s not always the case. Slots, which can be found on lists that offer the best free spin deals in casino gaming, offer non-stop fun with minimal problem-solving. Keep a lookout for a high RTP when selecting a title, then peruse lists with dozens of themed games with unique characters and settings.

Alto’s Odyssey

In this single-player journey, gamers navigate a beautiful world by skiing down hills. The colors are soothing, the design is eye-catching, and the music is relaxing. Throw in a few simple mechanics that allow the players to steer their skier along with a few interesting storylines, and Alto’s Odyssey (a sequel to 2015’s Alto’s Adventure) will calm and delight your mind.

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Crossy Road

Though the Frogger days have come to an end, players who miss the old classic can now play Crossy Road instead. Instead of guiding a frog across a busy street, they’ll be challenged to help a chicken cross a road. Challenges include cars, bodies of water, and other unexpected surprises. With a layout similar to Minecraft, the game offers a great new twist on a familiar setup.

Lily’s Garden

One of the most recognizable and dynamic formats in casual gaming is the match-three concept, popularized in games like Candy Crush. With Lily’s Garden, gamers are treated to a more visually engaging match-three challenge. Along with restoring a garden with minimal challenges, gamers are also treated to a beautiful setting, a romantic love story that runs throughout the game, and a range of heartwarming characters.

Snake VS Block

Similar to Crossy Road’s rehashing of the Frogger game, Snake VS Block takes a new look at one of the most popular (and one of the oldest) mobile games ever created: Nokia’s Snake. However, this title has a new twist. Rather than avoid its own tail, the snake must navigate obstacles… such as blocks. Though it requires quite a bit of problem-solving, none are designed to break your brain.


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