Top 10 Ways to Resolve iPhone Call Issues

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The most basic thing that your smartphone can do is let you make phone calls. So, calling a number and having the call fail on your iPhone is, of course, a huge pain. If it helps, you’re not the only one. Many people are having trouble with this bug, and we’re here to help you fix it. Check out the tips below to help fix your iPhone if it keeps dropping calls.

What Does the Call Failed Error Mean?

It means that when you try to make a phone call, your iPhone keeps saying that the call failed. The message that comes up says “call failed.” It’s interesting that some users say they’ve noticed the same problem even when talking on the phone.

Reasons Why iPhone Calls Keep Falling Through?

One of the most common reasons why make call failed is signal error. If you try to make a phone call from a place with weak signals, you may see this error.

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Top 10 Ways to Resolve iPhone Call Issues
In addition to weak signals, a call can fail because the SIM card is loose or damaged.
It could also be a software problem.

Dialing *#31# is the

1. Dial *#31#

easiest and most likely way to fix the “call failed” problem on your iPhone.

2. Turn off and on Airplane Mode

To turn on Airplane Mode, open the Settings app and tap on the icon for it. Tap the same switch again after 30 seconds to turn it off. Now, try to call someone. It ought to work.

3. Restart your iPhone

If you still can’t make phone calls after trying the above fixes, try restarting your iPhone. The easiest way is to use the buttons the way you always have. You can also open the Settings app and tap on General. Select Shut Down next. Turn on your iPhone in a minute and try to make a call. Most likely, this will be fixed.

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4. Remove and Reinsert the SIM card

The SIM card slot is on the right side of all new iPhones. Carefully take out the SIM card by using the ejector tool or a pin. Then, carefully rub it on a soft, dry cloth and put it back in.

5. Reset Network Settings

If you think that your iPhone’s network is to blame for a failed call, you can use Reset Network Settings. Most network problems, like not being able to make phone calls, not getting messages, or not being able to use cellular data, can be fixed by doing a reset. Please know that this won’t delete any personal information, but it will delete things like saved Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth devices, and VPN settings.

1.) To perform a Network reset, open the Settings app → General → Reset.

2.) Reset Network Settings → Enter your iPhone passcode and confirm.

6. Reset All Settings

If the less severe reset above didn’t work, try the same steps again and choose “Reset All Settings.” More important things will happen because of this.

All the settings you’ve ever changed on your iPhone will be erased or reset to their original state. This includes settings for the keyboard, the layout of the Home Screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, Location Settings, and more. But, it won’t delete any personal data like photos, videos, apps, music, etc.

7. Update Your Software

1.) Open the Settings app and tap on General.

2.) Next, tap on Software Update. If you see a pending update available, tap on Download and Install.

8. Check the Blocked Contacts List

You might have blocked a contact on purpose or by accident at some point. To make sure that the number you want to call is not blocked. Open the Settings app and tap on Phone to do this. Scroll down, then tap the “Blocked Contacts” button.

If the person/number is added here, swipe right to left on it and tap on Unblock.

9. See if Call Forwarding is Turned On

Call forwarding can also cause interference, so if your calls aren’t going through, turn it off. Open the Settings app and tap on Phone to do this. Tap Call Forwarding next. Wait until it loads. And if it’s turned on, tap the toggle to turn it off.

10. Contact Your Carrier

Lastly, if nothing else works, call your cell phone company. You can email them, use Twitter, or their mobile app to get in touch with them. Make sure there isn’t an unpaid bill or charge that has caused the service to be turned off.

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