CS:GO Dust 2 Map Locations: Essential Callouts!

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Dust 2 is one of CS: most GO’s famous competitive maps. The first version of this location, called Dust, was fun for people who played the original Counter-Strike. The place was then fixed up and made much better. The map is popular because everyone agrees that it is well-balanced, meaning that neither team has an advantage and only skill and experience are needed to win.

Even though the map is old, it hasn’t changed in how it works, only how it looks. Even though the map has always looked the same, each version has different features. The details got better over time, of course.

Map Callouts on Dust 2

On Dust 2, there are a lot of different callouts. The most important words are written in a bigger font on this map. Put these things first. No matter what level you play at, you need to know these callouts.

CS:GO Dust 2 Map Locations: Essential Callouts!

Most of the smaller callouts have something to do with something on the map. The area near long A called “car” is called that because there is a car there. Others come from the past. In honor of one of the people who made one of the first Counter-Strike mods, the area behind A is called Goose. Minh “gooseman” Le helped make the first Half-Life mod for Counter-Strike. In honor of his work, Valve has drawn a goose on the wall next to the spot.

Some of the callouts are based on what the players have done in the past. The alley between mid-spawn and T-spawn is called “Suicide” because you are likely to be shot if you go there at the beginning of the round.

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How to Use Dust2 Callouts?

If you tell your teammates that an enemy is in a certain place, you should be sure about what you tell them. If the callout is wrong, they might get confused and look at the wrong part of the map. If you hear someone at B but aren’t sure if it’s a car or a door, the safest thing to do is just say that you hear someone at B.

On Dust 2, some of the callouts have the same name. There is a job called “car” on both sites. If you see someone in one of these places, be sure to tell your team which one you’re talking about. You can win a round if you can tell the difference between A car and B car.

Look more closely at something like the tunnels at B. Most people refer to this whole area as tunnels, but that’s not enough. Try to figure out if your enemy is in the upper or lower tunnels. Same thing with A short. There is a big difference between telling someone they are short and saying they are a cat.

If you and your teammates know how to use these callouts in Dust 2, you will be able to tell each other where your opponents are. And that could help you win a lot of rounds.

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All Map Callouts on Dust 2

Dust II is one of the most popular maps in the Game. If you’re just starting to add it to your rotation, you’ll probably run into many players who have spent hundreds of hours on the map. The following callouts will help you and your team talk to each other better and improve your game.

The above callouts will be a big part of how you talk to your team. Players who already know the map will immediately know what you’re trying to say and where you are. Once everyone on your team is on the same page, you’ll have a clear advantage over your competitors, who might not be able to communicate as well as you.

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