DealsofAmerica: How Trustworthy Is It?

A discount gift card website that offers gift cards to a wide variety of retailers across the United States, including Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, and many more.

The store provides fixed-value e-codes for a wide range of retailers, which can be redeemed during checkout on their websites. These electronic gift cards, or “e-gift cards,” are valid indefinitely and can be redeemed at any time.

How Reliable Is Deals of America?

The site advertises a fixed price for the gift cards, but sells them for much less than their face value, pocketing the difference. If you want to buy an Amazon e-gift card for $100, for instance, you can do so from their website and save $10.

Discounts of 10% on Amazon gift cards are very generous. However, that’s not the whole story! Each deal of America purchase is accompanied by an “instant” discount in the form of a Target gift card (e.g., a $50 gift card for $45).

Please be aware that these are not actual gift cards but rather electronic codes. They’ll be sent to your inbox, and it’ll be just like getting paid to read emails.


Be aware that the “instant discount” will not be applied until after you have reached the checkout page. As an illustration, if you buy an e-gift card with a face value of $90 and enter the discount code displayed during checkout, your final cost will be $63.

You’ll immediately save 33%, even though it won’t look like it when you’re redirected to the payment page.

Interesting too is the fact that the website only gives discounts for multiple gift card purchases (especially at Target and Walmart) when the customer is checking out.

With each purchase, they send a customer an email promising “additional” discounts that don’t apply until the final checkout page. fall for it yet? Due to the way they have things set up, you might believe these criminals are genuine… But read on to discover the website’s inner workings.

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There Are No Actual “Gift Cards” on The Market

All of the online coupons for gift cards are completely bogus. They’ll take your money and run without delivering the goods. The GIFT CARDS are merely electronic coupons that can be redeemed by entering a recipient’s email address. The only way you can get their goods is to give them access to your inbox.

It’s also important to note that many of these coupons will expire shortly after you receive them.

There Is No “Instant Discount” Available when You Pay

Sadly, their dealsofamerica accurately portrays the situation. The most significant issue is that discounts are not automatically applied when using coupons or certain Target gift cards (e.g Target gift card). To illustrate, suppose you have a coupon for $20 off a $50 purchase when you use a $50 Target gift card.

When you’ve finished shopping, head on over to Deals of America and redeem that coupon for a Target gift card. The checkout page incorrectly displays $50 instead of $40 (20% off), and you will still be charged $50 if you proceed with the purchase.


You won’t get the discount until you enter your credit card information at the very end of the checkout process, the company says.

It’s possible that they’ll pretend there’s an error with their system by saying things like “discount not applied,” but this is just a ploy to get your financial information. Whoever asks for your credit card information before stating the amount to be charged is probably trying to pull a fast one.

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The Vast Majority of The Complaints About This Site’s Quality Are Justified

In general, the reviews that customers have left for Deals of America on their website are very critical and lengthy. One customer claims he ordered a television three months ago but has yet to receive either the television itself or a refund.

He says he tried to contact the site multiple times but got no response, so he filed a complaint with his bank and asked for a chargeback. You’ll find very similar accounts in many other negative reviews for Deals of America, so you can rest assured that those reviews are genuine and not made up.

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