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How to Set up Google Home on Your Console and Utilize Google Assistant Voice Commands to Manage Your Xbox?

how to connect an xbox to google home

Xbox Action for Google Assistant is compatible with all Google Home and Series X|S Xbox consoles, allowing you to manage your game library from your voice. how to connect an Xbox to google home

In order to use voice commands to start games, manage video playback, and more on your Xbox system, this post describes

Methods for Integrating Your Xbox One with Google Home

Xboxes prevent users from connecting to digital assistants by default. You’ll need to enable this in your Xbox console’s settings before you can use it with Google Home.

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How to Connect Your Xbox to Google Assistant

A Step-By-Step Guide to Using Google Assistant on Xbox

To begin using voice commands, the first setup process is now complete.

Several spoken instructions are understood by your Xbox. You can try out various commands or stick to the basics listed below:

ActionVoice Command
Turn your Xbox on or off“Turn on/turn off ” 
Play a game“Play on ”
Launch an app“Launch on ”
Record a gameplay clip“Record that on ”
Take a screenshot“Take a screenshot on ”
Control media playback“Pause ”
“Resume ”
“Next Episode on ”
Control volume“Volume up (or down) on ”
“Mute ”
Open system settings and other features“Open Settings on ”
“Open Friends on ”
“Open Game

To issue orders to Xbox via Google Assistant, you’ll need to use the name you gave the device while setting it up. Using the “Super Xbox” console example from above, the device name “Super Xbox” would need to be substituted for “Xbox” in any requests.

How Do I Connect an Xbox Controller to A Pc?

A USB dongle or Bluetooth can be used to connect an Xbox controller to a Windows PC. Dongle: Plug into a computer’s USB port, hold down the Xbox button while pressing the connect button on the dongle, and then remove the dongle.

For Bluetooth, hold down the controller’s connect button until the pairing screen appears, then release. To access Bluetooth and other devices on your computer, go to the Start menu, then Settings, and then Devices. Xbox Wireless Controller > Pair.

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Can You Tell Me How To Link an Xbox Controller to An iPhone?

Connecting an Xbox controller to an iPhone requires powering on the controller and holding down the connect button until the Xbox button begins blinking. Select the Xbox controller from the list of Devices on your iPhone, then hit Pair.

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