Here’s how To Connect Ps4 Controller to iPhone- A Comprehensive Instruction!

Mobile gaming has evolved past the era of solely relying on touchscreen controls. Smartphones are increasingly hosting high-stakes, competitive games that necessitate more hardware to achieve optimal performance. Many companies have responded by developing products that are ideal for this application. Now, what if I told you that you probably already have a perfectly decent and even better controller for iPhone games stashed away somewhere in your home?

Despite the widespread availability of licensed console controllers with adapters, many gamers still use unofficial controllers. Thanks to Bluetooth, they are compatible with modern devices like as computers and mobile phones. Due to the high quality and abundance of the PlayStation 4 controller, it has seen a meteoric rise in popularity for this use.

We’ll teach you how to effortlessly connect your PS4 controller to your iPhone through Bluetooth so you can use it with any mobile game that accepts input from an external controller. If you follow this simple guide, you’ll never again have to worry about your thumb blocking the trigger.

The Best Method for Linking Your iPhone to A Play Station 4 Controller

A PlayStation 4 controller and an iPhone are required.

Approximately 30 seconds is needed.

Step 1: You Need to Do Is Access the Bluetooth Settings on Your iPhone

To enable Bluetooth on your iPhone, go to your device’s Settings menu. As soon as it’s unlocked, switch on your Bluetooth connectivity and grab your PS4 controller so we can move on to the next step.

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Step 2: Enter Pairing Mode on Your Play Station 4 Controller

how to connect ps4 controller to iphone

Press and hold the PS button and Share button (shown above) until the top light panel on your PS4 controller begins quickly flashing white. Now the controller is in pairing mode and ready to connect. The third stage involves a return to the iPhone.

Step 3: Hook up The Controller to Your Play Station 4

Check out your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings with your PS4 controller in pairing mode. The iPhone will continuously scan for nearby Bluetooth devices while you’re on this menu. Allow some time for the PlayStation 4 controller to register, and you’ll find it under OTHER DEVICES as DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller. It will appear there, and when you tap its name, you will be linked to it.

Step4: Connectivity Verification

Within a few seconds of selecting the DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller, your iPhone should be connected. When a Bluetooth device successfully connects, it will be moved from the “OTHER DEVICES” part to the “MY DEVICES” section, where other currently connected devices will also be found. Launch your game of choice (providing it’s compatible with Bluetooth controllers) and get playing!

It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds for your iPhone to connect after you select DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller. When a Bluetooth device successfully connects, it will be moved from the “OTHER DEVICES” part to the “MY DEVICES” section, where other connected devices will be found. To play, simply launch your game of choice and ensure that it is compatible with Bluetooth gamepads.

I Have a Play Station Controller from A Different Generation; Can I Use It With This System?

how to connect ps4 controller to iphone

Yes! This method also works for connecting the official PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 5 controller to your iPhone. The Playstation button and the Share button will look the same yet be in different places. After that initial step, the connecting procedure is the same.

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Is There a Way for Me to Use My Ps4 Controller with My iPad?

Absolutely. Connecting a PlayStation 4 controller to an iPhone is, once again, a straightforward affair. This paves the way for the transformation of any iPad, from the iPad Mini 4 to the iPad Pro 12 inches, into a formidable gaming platform on the go. When using a really large screen, this setup could even compete with your computer or television.

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