How to Get Liquid out Of the Charging Port on Your Phone or Computer: A Step-By-Step Guide!


Did you drop your phone in the water or do you spill water on it by accident? This is a common occurrence for the human race. Though water-resistant gadgets are all the rage right now, even they might be ruined by a heavy downpour. All electronics are susceptible to failure if their charging ports become wet.

The liquid detection alert on most smartphones will go off even if you have no idea how water got into your charging port. You may quickly and easily dry your smartphone or tablet by following a few simple steps. In that case, let’s get right into drying out the charging port of any and all devices.

How About if The Port Is Still Wet? Can I Still Charge My Phone?

Wet ports on phones can cause problems when charging. The wires and pins of a computer might become frayed over time. This can cause problems with your charging cable or the port.

Another potential hazard is receiving an electric shock when charging your phone. However, if you are concerned that you may have accidentally charged your phone, you can look up its ingress protection grade.

A First Aid Kit for Your Waterlogged Smartphone

First off, don’t freak out if you accidentally dropped your phone in the water or if the port became wet in some other way. In the event that your phone suffers severe damage, you can swiftly restore it. Mindfully proceed as described:

Get Off the Phone Right Now

Take off any extras that might be weighing down your phone, including a case, a cord, or a charger.
If you hold your phone vertically, gravity will prevent the water from entering any further.

Methods for Drying Your Smartphone’s Usb Port After Being Submerged in Water

Initially, you should turn off your phone and tap it gently to remove the extra water. It’s safe to go on to more fixes at this point.

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Dry It Up

how to get liquid out of charging port

You must first eliminate all traces of dampness. In order to accomplish this, all you need is a tiny scrap of cotton fabric. Now, using a soft cloth, carefully wipe the charging port on your device.

Then, wait at least half an hour before touching your phone again. If you apply too much force, the water may be forced within the port.

Allow It to Dissipate in The Air

Allowing the phone to dry naturally is one of the most efficient methods. The port’s water evaporates in a matter of hours under normal conditions. Be sure the phone is standing upright the whole time. Also, make sure your phone is in a well-ventilated spot.

Utilize a Wireless Charger

Even if you’ve tried everything we’ve suggested above, a wireless charger may be the only thing that will get your phone to charge. You should make sure that both your phone and wireless charger are completely dry before using them.

Reach out To Support Now!

If the troubleshooting steps above did not help, and you still suspect the charging port is broken, you can get in touch with customer assistance. If you have a Samsung product and need assistance, you may either utilize their online form for support or head to their local repair shop. In order to get in touch with Apple Support, all you need is an iPhone.

If none of these solutions work and your phone still won’t power on, you could take it to a repair shop.

How to Fix False Alert in iPhone/android Liquid Detection?

Here’s what to do if you’ve checked and made sure your phone is dry, but it’s still sending you warnings because of its liquid sensing features.

Put an End to The Moisture Alerts

The moisture alert can be disabled in the preferences. What needs to be done is as follows:

Select Preferences.
Select Power Consumption from the menu.
Choose Recent Battery Usage from the menu at the page’s footer for this information.
Choose Menu > Force Stop System > Android System.

Power Cycling

Resetting the power is like pressing the reset button. This is a way to force the phone to power down and restart. Turning your phone off, waiting at least a minute, and then turning it back on should do the trick.

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Update Your Phone

False phone notifications, for example, are easily resolved by installing the latest operating system update. If an update is available, just grab it and install it.

Switching the Charging Cable

In the event that water enters your charging cable, or if the cable itself is damaged, you may experience false alarms. Thus, simply using a different charging cable may solve the problem of your phone’s unnecessary notifications.

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