How to Play Minesweeper in The Proper Way

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A minesweeper is a character in the online puzzle game Minesweeper, whose job is to sweep a rectangular grid free of mines without setting them off. Despite being a product of the 1960s, the game has seen adaptations for several of the most popular computer systems in use today.

One must simply flag all the mines by following the game’s primary rule, which states that the number on a block indicates the number of mines close to it.

Below are some of the game’s most crucial phrases and icons:

  1. Mark the area with a flag if you find a mine there.
  2. Mark with a question mark any areas where you might find a mine.
  3. Here’s a happy face emoji; use it to resume the game. A second option is to use the F2 key on your keyboard.

At the start of each Minesweeper game

how to play minesweeper

The grid will simply be filled with blank spaces. If you click on a square, some of them will vanish, others will get numbers, and some will stay blank. To find out which empty spaces are mine-free, you must use the numbers provided. The ones without mines can be safely clicked on. In the beginning, you’ll have to pick a degree of challenge.

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The following gradations of challenge are available to you:

  • A nine-by-nine grid with ten mines is a breeze.
    Grid size (16×16) with 40 mines equals a medium difficulty level.
    Qualified Individual: A 3216 grid with 99 mines.
    Personalized: Set your own preferences for the game, down to the grid size, the number of mines, and anything else.
  • If you have never played Microsoft Minesweeper before, you can access a brief tutorial that will teach you the ropes. Click anywhere on the grid once the instruction has finished.
  • To begin playing Minesweeper, press this button.
  • Analyze the data that has been provided. If there is a certain number of mines touching a certain square, that number represents that total.
  • If you see a square that looks like it could have mine in it, right-click on it. A flag will be positioned in those cells. Most effectively, start with mine-required squares. These are the lone cells surrounding the number 1. Doing so will aid you in your subsequent eliminations.
  • Right-click twice on any squares you’re not sure about. This will mark those squares with a question mark, indicating that you need more information before deciding whether or not to eliminate them.
  • Selecting a square to clear it of mines requires clicking on it, so only do this if you are certain it does not contain any. Finally, the board can be wiped clean. To complete a level of Minesweeper without losing a life, you must click on all of the safe squares. As soon as you do this, you’ll win the game. The game is finished, though, if you click on a tile that has a mine underneath it.

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