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Guidelines on How to Play Ps4 Games on A PC in 2022!

how to play ps4 games on a pc

You won’t be able to follow this guide until you have the required components. All of these items come highly recommended by Sony’s R&D staff.

It’s your call, however, Sony recommends the following for the best gaming experience:

A Home Computer or Portable Device

  1. The Playstation 4 Video Game System
  2. Radio-free control (Sony recommends the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller.)
  3. One or more USB cables or wireless adapters (The adaptor paves the way for cordless operation of your console.)
  4. Fast and reliable online service Download and upload rates of 15 Mbps are suggested by Sony (Mbps).
  5. If you have everything that was asked for, you are ready to travel.

Specifications for Ps4 Distant Play

There are some prerequisites that must be met before installing Sony’s Remote Play software on your computer. Your computer’s operating system is the determining factor for what’s needed.

The Windows Operating System


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Methods for Obtaining and Configuring the Program

First, get the official PS4 Remote Play client from Sony‘s website. You can use this program to play PS4 games on your PC. Update (now at version 2.8) has made it more stable. By downloading this product at this time, you will have access to all available updates.

What You Should Do Is Listed Below

Get the PS4 Remote Play program here. Simply click here to download it from the main page! Choosing an OS that works well with your PC is crucial. Both Windows- and Mac-based computers are available. You won’t be able to use the software if you try to install a version that isn’t compatible with your computer.

Once the download is complete, you should run the setup program. That should launch a brand-new dialogue window.

If you want to install software properly, just follow the prompts in the dialogue window. You should also get some extra software, so make sure you do it. Simply select the relevant choices in the resulting dialogue box to proceed.

Preparing Your Play Station 4

  1. After you have downloaded and installed the PS4 Remote Play application, you can begin setting up your PS4 game system. What you should do is listed below.
  2. Go into the options menu on your PS4.
  3. Select the Enable Remote Play checkbox within Connection Settings -> Remote Play. Doing so will allow your PS4 to communicate with the program you just set up on your PC.
  4. Return to the PS4’s Settings menu and pick Account Management.
  5. Once that is done, make the PS4 your primary gaming platform. To achieve this, go to Settings > System > Activate as Primary PS4 > Activate.
  6. The following steps will allow you to activate Remote Play when your PS4 is in standby mode:
  7. Go into your PS4’s System Menu.
  8. The Power Savings Settings menu item must be selected.
  9. A Menu of Rest Mode Options Will Appear.
  10. Check the boxes labeled Allow Powering on PS4 Over Network and Maintain an Active Internet Connection.
  11. Ici voilà! Now that you have set up everything, you can begin using Remote Play.

Setting up Your Remote for Play

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Currently, Ps4 Games Can Be Played on PC

That’s all there is to it if you want to play games designed for the PlayStation 4 on your computer. Read this tutorial thoroughly and carry out the instructions as written to guarantee a successful installation.

Is Sony’s Remote Play a regular part of your routine for bringing PS4 games to your computer?

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