Location Not Available iPhone: How To Fix It if You Can’t Find a Friend’s or Family Member’s Location

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The iPhone’s built-in location services make it possible to keep tabs on loved ones’ whereabouts at all times. The Find My app makes it simple to view the location of anyone who has agreed to share it with you, whether you’re wondering when your friend will arrive at dinner or where your children have gone after school. However, an error message stating that their location is unavailable may appear instead. How to fix the “Location Services are Unavailable” error on an iPhone is detailed here.

It’s probably a problem with your friend’s phone

It’s probable your friend’s phone is broken rather than your iPhone if you can’t see their location. To give just one example, the other iPhone might not have cellular or WiFi reception, which is probably the most likely problem. And it’s possible that your friend has turned off location services in Settings, or that the other phone isn’t even on. The most likely difficulties are listed below; if at all possible, have your friend check each one individually on their phone.

location not available iphone

There is no internet connection and no cell service. It’s possible that the phone’s cellular or Wi-Fi connection is flaky or nonexistent. Have them look at the top of the Home screen, where the WiFi and cellular networks should be listed.

Choosing to keep their Find My Friends location a secret. To share your location, have them open the Find My app and, under the People page, touch your name.

The Location-Based Services could be disabled. In order to ensure sure Location Services is turned on, your buddy should open the Settings app, select Privacy, and then turn it on by swiping the button to the right.

The time and date are not predetermined. Instructions: Have your friend open Settings, then go to General, and finally touch Date & Time. Make a right swipe on the button labeled “Set Automatically” to turn it on.

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Toggle Airplane mode on and off

If your friend’s phone is set up correctly for location sharing, then the issue may lie with your own network. Find out if you have a good WiFi or cellular signal by looking at the top of your Home screen.

Airplane mode is a quick and easy way to fix minor connectivity issues; to activate it, pull down the Control Center from the top right of the screen and then hit the Airplane mode icon. Hold off for a second, then tap it again. When your phone finally starts working again, go to the Find My app and look for it.

Restart the Find My app

By closing the app and then reopening it, errors can often be cleared out, and the software can then be restarted to fix the problem. To exit the Find My app, swipe up on the app icon when using the iPhone’s app switcher. Then, launch the program once more to check if that helps.

You should restart your iPhone

Restarting the device entirely is another standard method of fixing problems. If you still can’t see your friend’s position, try turning it off and then restarting your iPhone. If you experience any issues with the Find My app, try restarting your phone.

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View the latest changes

However rare it is, the problem could be caused by a fault or incompatibility in your iPhone’s current version of the Find My app or another piece of software. Always make sure your phone has the most recent software version installed. Ensure that all installed applications are up-to-date, then check back to see whether this resolves the issue. Launch the App Store and select the profile icon in the upper right corner. Choose Update All from the list of upcoming automatic updates.

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