Tips and Tricks to Solve “No Location Found” Issue On Find My Friends!

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“No location found on Find My Friends” giving you trouble? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. A lot of people have said they have this problem, and there are a few things you can try to fix it. If you want to know where your Android phone is, we also show you an easy way to do that. Check out our advice down below!

What Does Find My Friends “No Location Found” Mean?

The Find My Friends app is one of those older programs that Apple users can’t live without. This software helps find family and friends who have gotten lost or don’t seem to know where they are. But this has some problems, such as “no location found” errors.

Tips and Tricks to Solve "No Location Found" Issue on Find My Friends!

Does “No Location Found” mean that they have stopped sharing?
Definitely not!

Most of the time, this problem is caused by the location service not working as well as it should. If this error shows up on your screen, you won’t be able to get the GPS coordinates of friends or family members who you have given permission to share their GPS coordinates with you.

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What’s the Difference Between “Location Not Available” and “No Location Found”?

Find My Friends may tell you that a user’s location is not available when you ask for it using GPS. But the software is still actively trying to find where the user is.

Usually, the “no location found” warning appears when a phone is not connected to Wi-Fi or loses service. Location not available means that the GPS tried to figure out where the phone was but couldn’t.

What Does “No Location Found” Mean on Find My Friends?

Tips and Tricks to Solve "No Location Found" Issue on Find My Friends!

1. Wrong Date and Time: The Find My Friends app uses your friend’s date and time to sync location information, so if you’re getting this error on their device, it means that either the date or time is wrong.

There are a few things we can try to fix the problem: make sure both times are as close as possible, or check to see if our phones’ clock settings have been changed recently.

2. No Internet Connection: If neither of your phones is connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi, the Find My Friends app won’t be able to get GPS data and talk to the other device. This will cause a problem called “no location found.”

3. Location Services Turned Off: If the location services on your family member’s or friends phone are turned off, the Find My Friends app won’t be able to get location information from your friend’s device.

4. “Hide My Location”: The person you’re trying to connect to has turned off “Hide My Location.”

5. Sign-In Problem: The person might not have signed in to the Find My Friends app.

6. Technical glitch: Either your phone or your friend’s phone has a problem that makes it hard for the two phones to talk to each other.

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How to Fix “No Location Found” On Find My Friends?

Tips and Tricks to Solve "No Location Found" Issue on Find My Friends!

1. Check GPS. If location services are turned off, you will definitely get the “Find My Friends No Location Found” error. To turn on location services, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

After choosing “Share My Location” and turning on the Location Services option, make sure that “Share My Location” is also turned on.

2. Check the device’s date and time. The “Find My Friends No Location Found” problem could have been caused by an incorrect date and time. So, the time and date on the device must be right.

Just go to Settings > General > Date & Time, choose the “Set Automatically” option, and make sure that your device’s date and time are correct.

3. Check the settings: In the Find My Friends app, you can check to see if your friend has turned on the “Share My Location” feature. To fix the problem, open the app, tap on your profile picture at the bottom of the screen, and then choose “Share My Location.”

4. Reset Location and Privacy: If your problem still happens after you’ve tried the above suggestions, you could try putting Location and Privacy back to their default settings.

5. Look at Apple’s System Status. If Find My Friends isn’t working, you’ll see the message “No location detected.” If this is true, it is easy to make sure.

If Find My Friends is temporarily down, a message will pop up, and a green dot means everything is working as it should. If there are problems, they might be caused by Apple.

6. Update your device: Check to see if it has the most recent version of the software. A big problem with the Location Services app could affect some of the people who use it.

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