Novopay Solutions Pvt. Ltd: A Newly Branded Digital Banking Platform!

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The banking software division of Novopay Solutions Pvt. Ltd., known as Novopay Banking, has changed its name to Trustt. A statement from Trust said that the move was in line with the company’s plan to give its customers digital banking services based on the cloud.

The company says that large banks, NBFCs, Fintechs, and others have used the Trustt SaaS platform to deploy digital lending, distribution, and identity verification solutions in just a few weeks. Trust also said that it has done this by using pre-built digital banking components that are already integrated to set up new products quickly.

 Novopay Solutions Pvt. Ltd: Newly Branded Digital Banking Platform!

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Srikanth Nadhamuni, the Executive Chairman of Trustt, says that the company is about to start a 100% digital journey that will change the way it provides financial services. Digital lending solutions from Trustt are being put to use quickly in its SaaS cloud service. The new name better shows who the company is and what it stands for, and Trustt is excited to tell its clients and partners about this new chapter.

Trustt’s CEO, Gautam Bandyopadhyay, said that over the years, the company has kept coming up with new ideas and expanding its services, making a variety of digital banking solutions for banks and other financial institutions. Trustt’s platform has grown to include a Digital Lending Platform, a Digital Distribution Platform, and a Digital Identity Platform, and the company has formed partnerships with a number of banks and other financial institutions.

Trustt is committed to building on this foundation, and the new logo shows that customers can trust Trustt to provide them with reliable technology.

Trustt thinks that the company’s rebranding is a big step forward. With its new name, Trustt wants to show how committed it is to the India Stacks, Digital Public Infrastructure, and projects like Aadhaar Identity, UPI payments, and OCEN’s flow-based lending platform. This will show that “made in India, for the world” is more than just a slogan.

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