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If you’re looking to know more about a particular company, Similarweb is a great resource. Similarweb provides overviews of companies and their histories, their finances, and more. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the Crunchbase company profile and Funding of the company.

Similarweb – Crunchbase Company Profile

What is Similarweb?

Similarweb is a website that helps users research and compares the online presence of different businesses. It provides information on company size, location, contact information, social media metrics, and more.

Similarweb was founded in 2009 by brothers Max and Artem Shmatikov. The company has since raised over $50 million in funding from investors including Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures, and First Round Capital.

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How Does Similarweb Work?

Similarweb crawls the websites of its competitors to collect data on everything from pageviews to social media followers. This data is then compiled into easy-to-use charts and graphs that help users see how their business compares to others.

What Are the Benefits of Using Similarweb?

There are several benefits to using Similarweb. First, it can be a helpful tool for tracking your business’ online progress. Second, it can help you identify opportunities for growth by comparing your company against your competition. Finally, Similarweb can provide you with valuable insights into how your customers are interacting with your brand online.

Similarweb – Crunchbase Funding

Similarweb is a company that helps users find the most popular websites and apps. Similarweb also provides data on companies and their funding rounds.

The Similarweb site offers a variety of tools for users, including a website ranking tool, an app ranking tool, and an interactive map. The website also offers information on companies, including their website traffic and funding rounds.

Similarweb also offers data on companies and their funding rounds. For example, Similarweb has data on the estimated number of monthly visitors to companies’ websites, as well as the amount of funding raised in each round of financing.

In addition to providing data on companies and their funding rounds, Similarweb also publishes its own lists of the top 10 most popular websites and the top 10 most popular apps.

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Similarweb – Crunchbase CEO

Similarweb is a website that provides data on the websites and applications of organizations. The site provides information on the size, traffic, and other aspects of a company’s online presence. In addition to providing data on companies, Similarweb also offers a platform for users to discover new businesses and applications.

Similarweb was founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurs, Sascha Meinrath and Alex Karp. The company began as a site that provided data on the websites of large organizations such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and eBay. Over the years, Similarweb has expanded its offering to include data on smaller organizations as well as applications and websites.

In 2016, SimilarWeb announced that it had raised $52 million in Series C funding from Benchmark Capital Partners and Greylock Partners. Prior to this investment, SimilarWeb had raised $50 million in Series B funding from Index Ventures and investors including Fidelity Investments, Wellington Management Company LP., Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Inc., Yuri Milner’s DST Global LLC., Jeff Bezos‘ Inc., Shervin Pishevar’s Sherpa Ventures LLC., Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams’ Obvious Ventures LLC., Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s billionaire founder Jack Ma and others.

In October 2017, SimilarWeb acquired competitor StackCommerce for an undisclosed amount. Prior to the acquisition, StackCommerce was the fifth largest company in terms of monthly unique visitors according to ComScore Newsstand data. The acquisition will give

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Similarweb – Crunchbase Board Members

Similarweb, a website that provides comparisons of websites, was founded in 2006. The company has raised over $129 million in total funding and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Similarweb is best known for its web traffic analysis tool, which ranks websites by traffic. In addition to its website comparison service, Similarweb offers a social media intelligence platform and an API that allows developers to build applications that access the site’s data.

Similarweb – Crunchbase Overview

Similarweb is a web analytics company. The company was founded in 2007 and has headquarters in San Francisco, California. Similarweb has over 50 million users.

Similarweb – Crunchbase Milestones

Similarweb, a company with headquarters in New York City and offices in San Francisco, was founded in 2006. The company provides a range of online tools for software developers, marketers, product managers and others who need to measure traffic and engagement on websites. Similarweb is also the creator of the Crunchbase dataset, which includes data on over 2 million startups and companies.

Notable milestones for Similarweb include:

– In June 2012, SimilarWeb acquired Pingdom Technologies Ltd., an Israeli startup that created web performance monitoring services. The acquisition helped expand SimilarWeb’s Monitoring offering to include real-time insights into website performance across devices.

– In November 2013, SimilarWeb announced it had raised $26 million in Series A funding led by Intel Capital. Previous investors included Allen & Company LLC, Fontinalis Partners and Obvious Ventures.

– In March 2016, SimilarWeb announced it had raised more than $54 million in Series C funding from investors including Google Ventures and Fidelity Investments. The new round brought the total funding raised by the company to $100 million.

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Similarweb is a website that provides analytics and data on the web. It allows users to compare different websites, track traffic sources, and measure engagement levels. In this article, we will be comparing Crunchbase’s company profile with Similarweb’s findings. We will also look at how much funding Crunchbase has received and what industries they have focused on.

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