What To Try If You Love Playing Wordle


The emergence of Wordle has been a fun addition to 2022. The game came out in October 2021, but it really took off at the beginning of this year — and for many, it’s become the highlight of their day. The only issue with Wordle is that you can only play once every 24 hours. That’s part of its charm but, sometimes, it does leave us a little thirsty for some other gaming fun.

Well, fear not! There are plenty of other games to try. Here, we’ll run through some options that we’re sure will be a hit with Wordle fans.


No, we haven’t put Wordle on the list; that’d be weird. We’ve put Worldle, as in World. The concept is basically the same as Wordle, but instead of trying to guess a word, you’re trying to guess a country. You’re presented with an outline of a country, and it’s your job to guess which nation it is in five guesses. If you know what it is, then it’s easy. If you don’t, you can triangulate yourself with a few guesses — after an incorrect guess, you’ll be shown how many kilometers you are away from the right place.


Any game that relies on critical thinking skills will be suitable for Wordle fans. So why not look at playing poker, one of the world’s most historical critical-thinking games? It’s around two hundred years older than Wordle and is still going strong. As one of the most popular live casino games, you can play poker online or offline, with friends or against strangers. Alternatively, you can look at other casino games, such as blackjack. It takes a little bit of time to get to grips with these strategy games, but once you do, you’ll find that it tests your thinking skills in much the same way as Wordle.


Part of the fun of Wordle is that it’s fast and pretty easy. Crosswords are not fast and not easy. But if you love a challenge, then they’ll be right up your street. Note that we’re referring to cryptic crosswords, not trivia ones. As with poker, you’ll need to dedicate a bit of time to learning how to complete a crossword, but once you’ve got that down, you’ll have years’ worth of fun ahead of you. And these games aren’t just challenging — they’ve been shown to help keep minds sharp later in life, too.

What To Try If You Love Playing Wordle


This one is for the music buffs. Heardle is another riff on Wordle. This time, you’ve got to guess a song — but there’s a catch. In the first round, you only get one second of the song. Subsequent rounds give you a little more time until, eventually, you’ll have thirty seconds of the song to play with. The tough part of this game is that you can’t really “figure it out” — if you’ve never heard the song before, then you won’t be able to get it right. But it can be very satisfying to get the correct answer after only hearing one second of the track!


Let’s end the list with a tough one. Sudoku has a reputation as being a tough old nut to crack, and if you’ve ever given it a try, you’ll be inclined to agree. The concept sounds simple enough; you have to fill a 9 x 9 square so that each row, column, and 3 x 3 mini-grid contain the digits 1 – 9. OK, maybe it doesn’t sound so simple. It’s best to have someone who knows what they’re doing show you and then hope that you’ve got the logic to continue on your own. Be warned, however — after that, Wordle might seem pretty easy!


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