YONO login: How to Create an SBI Account as a YONO Lite App Beneficiary


YONO is an automated digital banking platform offered by the State Bank of India (SBI) that enables users to gain access to various monetary and non-monetary services, such as the purchase of the plane, train, bus, and cab tickets, as well as the payment of various bills. The YONO app may be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS. On Friday, November 24th, 2017, YONO was introduced by India’s Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley.

YONO provides access to the services of more than one hundred different online merchants, including those offering products and deals on everything from education and entertainment to transportation and wares at steep discounts. YONO also provides more standard mobile banking services such as account opening, money transfers, cashless bill transfers, and loans. The app allows users to make withdrawals from ATMs.


The new mobile banking service from SBI, dubbed YONO SBI, is an improvement on the tried-and-true banking system that gave India reliable digital products like SBI Anywhere and SBI Net Banking. You Only Need One (YONO) is a mobile banking platform introduced by the State Bank of India (SBI). YONO intends to serve as a one-stop shop for all of your financial, lifestyle, insurance, investment, and retail requirements.

In addition to this, YONO can be utilized in the transfer of funds and the acquisition of loans or overdrafts against the security of fixed deposits. There has never been another digital banking platform like YONO, which provides its users with a wide selection of individualized services and goods, including discounts and special offers from more than 60 different online retailers.

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SBI YONO App Functions and Features

No matter what you’re looking for — groceries, electronics, a flight or train ticket, or a place to stay on your next trip — YONO SBI, India’s largest retail market, has you covered.

The app’s straightforward layout makes it easy to carry out routine financial tasks like monitoring account balances, making fixed deposits, adding beneficiaries, etc.

yono login

Instant transfer of Rs. 10,000/- to a newly added beneficiary, available from all State Bank branches that support the YONO SBI app (Credit Card, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Travel Insurance, Accident Insurance, SIP, Mutual Fund, or Investment). together, in the same place. With intelligent expense analysis, your transactions will be automatically identified and categorized, providing you with a summary of your spending.

You can get a personal loan of up to Rs 5 lakh with no credit check and no documentation required right now. Get an instant overdraft using your savings account. Set up a regular savings plan that is focused on your long-term objectives.

You can get a new checkbook, ATM card/debit card, or alter your ATM PIN/block your ATM card/debit card with the help of YONO SBI’s emergency services.

Instructions for Getting and Using the SBI YONO App

  1. Open the SBI YONO app and sign in.
  2. Use online banking during registration, or enter your account information manually.
  3. To proceed, please input your account information, including your ATM card number, followed by your ATM PIN, and finally, the “Submit” button.
  4. If the user has selected Internet Banking, they will be prompted to log in with their Username and Password.
  5. Now, by clicking “Next,” you indicate that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions governing your use of the MPIN.
  6. Choose an MPIN and key it in. After receiving an OTP on your mobile device, please enter it here before proceeding.
  7. As a result of finishing registration, the user is now able to find SBI’s YONO app and use it.
  8. Please note that current SBI customers can use their existing SBI Online log-in credentials to create an account for the app during the registration process.
  9. After the initial login, either the User ID or the MPIN can be used for subsequent logins.

Highlights of YONO Lite SBI’s Functionality and Utility


  • Query from TDS
  • You may make a chequebook request.
  • Get an account number when you register your Aadhar card
  • One can always make more nominations.

Payment recharging and topping off is possible via Bill Pay

  • The NCMC card has a reloadable account.
  • It’s possible to control your NCMC card with a mobile application.
  • Refilling and topping off of mobile devices
  • Recharging a DTH

Putting Money Towards a Bill

  • It is possible to check and pay bills.
  • The option to pay postpaid invoices is available.
  • Payment record
  • Pay with a credit card


  • The UPI function is switchable.
  • Adjusting the maximum amount of UPI transactions
  • VPA can be compensated in a number of ways.


  • Appointments for completing a transaction can be made.
  • Quickly start or stop a recurring deposit.
  • Instantaneous Payment System Transfer

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How to Set Up a State Bank of India Account as a YONO Lite App Beneficiary

  • Load the YONO SBI App
  • Navigate to the Preferences menu
  • Select “Profile Management” to edit your information.
  • Select “Add/Manage Beneficiary” to add or edit recipients.
  • Put in your profile’s secret word here.
  • To send your information, please select the submit button.
  • Select the “Add” tab.
  • Click on “State Bank Account,” then input the account number.
  • Identify the maximum amount that can be given to the recipient.
  • Then, select the “Submit” button.
  • Double-check everything, then hit the submit button.
  • Key in the OTP that was delivered to your verified mobile device.
  • Select the “Submit” option.

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