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Amber Riley Weight Loss: The Fans Are Stunned by Her Incredible Weight Loss

amber riley weight loss

The American actress and singer Amber Patrice Riley (born February 15, 1986), who also goes by the mononym RILEY, is a member of the entertainment industry.


Her role as Mercedes Jones on the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee has brought her widespread recognition (2009–2015).

She and the rest of the cast have been nominated for three Teen Choice Awards, three NAACP Image Awards, and a Grammy for their work on the show.

Riley made her debut as Effie White in the 2016 West End premiere of Dreamgirls. In 2017, she received the Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Musical Performance and the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

Riley triumphed in 2013’s season 17 of Dancing with the Stars. In 2017, Riley created the musical theatre supergroup Leading Ladies with Beverley Knight and Cassidy Janson and signed to East West Records/Warner.

She also served as a judge on the BBC One musical theatre talent program Let It, Shine. Last year, on November 17th, she published her first album, titled Songs from the Stage.

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When Did Amber Realise She Needed to Get Slim?

Riley began her quest for weight loss in 2011. She finally went to the doctor in July of that year because she couldn’t stand the constant discomfort in her stomach any longer. She had a major scare with her health and as a result, she chose to alter her eating habits.

Afterward, the American actress told People magazine, “I determined I was going to make a change and eat healthier.” She continued that the fast food she was eating was harming her digestive system.

It took seven months of hard labor, but finally, the results were there. Amber lowered two dress sizes and boasted to the magazine about her success.

Riley agreed that losing weight was a good thing for her, but said she’d always been comfortable in her own skin regardless of her size. She explained, “I’ve always been okay with my size. In a recent decision, I made the commitment to improve my health.

Glee’s costume department had to redo Amber’s clothes once she lost weight. She continued, “We had to do a whole wardrobe overhaul. They lavished me with new threads, but now we must alter nearly every trouser and dress in my closet to fit. In addition, she admitted that she found it simpler to don her evening wear for the red carpet after she had shed some pounds.

According to Riley’s comments in the article, “‘I’m a lot more comfortable in dresses, especially gowns.” Also about this time, she was photographed at the NAACP Image Awards showing off her new, smaller body. She attended the ceremony dressed in a figure-hugging blue sequined evening gown.

On the day following the awards event in Las Vegas, Amber turned 26. She was pictured on her special day donning a black tutu dress that was tight at the waist.

A Glee Star Yells for “Fatphobic” Power

A large portion of Amber’s fan base is attributable to her acting skills and her prominent part on Glee. Her no-nonsense attitude is another reason why her fans adore her.

On Wednesday, June 15, she addressed all the “fatphobic” folks who had been sneaking into her Instagram direct message section.

The DWTS champion posted a video of herself working out, accompanied by the caption, “I’ve known for years falling into my DMs because I’ve lost weight;”

Next, the celebrity urged, “Keep that same fatphobic energy player. Sending the poop emoji and the message, “Ain’t poop emoji changed over here but the scale,” into her direct message box.

The Yvette of Drake and Josh Nicole Brown, who has also struggled with her weight, commented, “Right?! ” on the post because she could empathize. When we explain that we aren’t wearing an “invisibility cloak,” their reaction is priceless. The playa is no stranger to me! You showed zero interest in it. Just keep kicking pebbles with that same vigor!

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What Kind of Feedback Did Amber Riley Receive from Her Supporters?

People have been following Amber Riley‘s weight loss journey from the very beginning. Some people flocked to Twitter to share their reactions to Riley’s weight loss story.

‘Chileeee Amber Riley and that sudden weight reduction… let me hush,’ one commenter commented. “Amber Riley looks very beautiful with her recent weight reduction transformation,” one Twitter user wrote.

The next commenter said, “She was always stunning. Seeing results from a diet and exercise program shouldn’t be an issue, but if it was, the problem lies with you. Bye! 3 You, Amber!

These are just some of the fan reactions to Amber’s incredible makeover. Did you get any motivation from Amber Riley’s story of weight loss and self-improvement?

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