Chrissy Tiegen Plastic Surgery: The American Model Demonstrates Her Transplant!

Christine Diane Teigen is a famous American model and TV host who was born on November 30, 1985. She was featured on the 50th anniversary cover of Sports Illustrated alongside Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge in 2014. Her professional modeling career began with that issue in 2010.

She was a regular guest on the panel of the popular daytime talk show FABLife (2015–2016). Together with LL Cool J, she presented the singing competition Lip Sync Battle (2015–2019), and she also judged the comedy competition Bring the Funny (2015–2019). (2019). Teigen has written not one, but two cookbooks.

Chrissy Teigen Has Never Been Coy About the Plastic Surgery

Whether it be for breast augmentation or to remove excess fat from her cheeks. She has also spoken openly about the eyebrow transplant she underwent.

Chrissy went on Instagram Stories back in April to show off her new, fuller brows following an eyebrow transplant. She said, “I never use makeup if I can avoid it, therefore I was very eager for this eyebrow transplant procedure,” adding, “They pull hairs from the back of your head!!

While Chrissy admitted that her brows were still “a touch dark from the pencil,” she was thrilled to “had brows again.” And she added, “Teens: Do not pluck them all off as I did!!”

After the procedure, she proudly posted photos of the results on Instagram, noting how her brows can “grow extremely long” now. Evidence:

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Chrissy Eyebrow Transplant

When Chrissy first got her transplant, her favorite plastic surgeon, Jason Diamond, M.D. (who frequently receives shout-outs in her IG Stories), gave details about his work.

Besides posting a photo of Chrissy, he commented, “I know too many folks, entire generations, who overplucked brows as part of the trend or are simply experiencing eyebrow thinning with time.” “#EyebrowTransplantation is a method in which we agree on shape, density, etc., and expertise takes it from there,” said one proponent of the practice.

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The “eyebrows play a significant part of the face aesthetic,” as Dr. Diamond put it, “because they frame the eyes and can be either an asset to the eyes or the bothersome part of your morning you have to spend ten minutes filling in.” Truth!

Simply explained, an eyebrow transplant is moving hair from one side of the head to the other in order to create the appearance of new eyebrows.


During the pilot episode and the first season of Deal or No Deal, Teigen modeled briefcases. She was the 2010 Sports Illustrated “Rookie of the Year” and appeared in the magazine’s swimsuit issue. To get her a job modeling for Sports Illustrated, her friend and fellow model Brooklyn Decker had to introduce her to the right people.

The following year, she collaborated with swimsuit designer DiNeila Brazil to create a capsule collection, which they unveiled at Miami’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim and she also made an appearance in the 2011 Electronic Arts video game Need For Speed: The Run as a playable character. In addition, she has a Cookies and Cocktails Cooking Channel special under her belt.

A 2012 photo of Teigen at the Sydney premiere of Battleship. It wasn’t until two years later when VH1’s Model Employee featured Teigen as its host.

In another show, Chrissy Teigen’s Hungry, on the Cooking Channel, she and her then-fiancé John Legend tried out dishes for their wedding reception. Legend’s music video for “All of Me,” which also shows footage from their wedding, premiered in October 2013.

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Political Views

Teigen has been very outspoken in her disapproval of Trump as the president of the United States. She celebrated Trump’s 72nd birthday by giving $72,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union, a non-profit organization, in June of 2018.

Both Teigen and her husband have publicly supported Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic Party primaries for 2020. The two have publicly declared their support for Joe Biden in the upcoming 2020 US presidential election.

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