Pete Carroll Plastic Surgery: He Describes the Mystery Scar on His Face and Acknowledges His Recent Surgery!

Coach and exec VP for the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, Peter Clay Carroll (born September 15, 1951) is an American football legend (NFL).

He was the head football coach at USC from 2000 to 2009, during which time the Trojans went on to win six bowl games and consecutive national titles in 2003 and 2004.

Carroll’s Accomplishments

In his first head coaching job, with the NFL‘s New York Jets in 1994 and later with the Patriots from 1997 to 1999, Carroll had only moderate success.

When he made the switch to college football with USC, the once-struggling program is now consistently ranked among the best in the country.

Carroll’s collegiate accomplishments led to him being hired as Seattle’s head coach in 2010.

The Seahawks have made the playoffs nine times since Carroll took over as head coach, won their division five times, reached the Super Bowl twice in a row, and finally won the franchise’s first championship in Super Bowl XLVIII. During his time with the organization, the Legion of Boom defense had the highest-scoring defense in the league for four straight seasons.

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Face Surgery

If you watched the Super Bowl coverage last night, you may have noticed that Pete Carroll has a severe cut on the left side of his face. The wound appeared out of nowhere, but it was actually the result of some friendly fire during Seahawks practice last week.

Andy Nesbitt of Fox Sports claims that the injury to Carroll occurred on a special teams play. You know you’re dealing with someone like Carroll when the Seahawks coach tells reporters he was let go while “returning a kickoff in practice.”

During the week, “I did get hit returning a kickoff in practice,” Carroll admitted. For the sake of giving Percy Harvin a rest, I joined in. , “and Derrick Coleman grabs me, and [Chris] Maragos rushes in and shoots me in the head.”

pete carroll plastic surgery

It was the typical “62-year-old man fields kickoff, finds a seam, and takes a bucket shot flying along the sideline” plot twist. There was no major upheaval.

Carroll appropriately noted that the special teams’ play of the Seahawks was worth him getting his head split by an NFL-free safety.

What happened tonight was fine because we covered kicks like wild men, Carroll remarked. “I’ll take the fall if I had anything to do with that.”

It’s good to know what really happened to Carroll’s face—people on the internet had a good laugh speculating about what kind of sea pirate/ship boarding scenario had resulted in his cheek being carved like a roast.

However, Carroll substituting for his 25-year-old wide receiver to give him a break and splitting time into special teams is way more boring than the idea of him outrunning a serial killer. As such, now is as good a moment as any to request, no, demand, Hard Knocks Seattle.

The Rest of The World Needs a Look at The Seahawks’ Training Facility

We need Golden Tate to be overconfident in 1080p, and Pete Carroll to be wearing white linen trousers while he works the jugs. The world must see Richard Sherman rousing his squad with pep talks and delivering a fiery response by sending back their Sizzler orders.

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After graduating from high school, Carroll attended the local College of Marin for two years, where he played football and earned a letter in his second year, before moving to the University of the Pacific and joining the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

pete carroll plastic surgery

While attending Pacific, Carroll played free safety for the Tigers for two years (1971–1973) and was named to the PCAC All-Conference team both years. He graduated with a degree in business administration in 1973.

After graduating, Carroll attended a training camp for the World Football League’s Honolulu Hawaiians in Riverside, but he was cut owing to shoulder concerns and his lack of height.

The only job he ever had that wasn’t tied to football was selling roofing materials in the Bay Area, and he quickly realized he was terrible at it and quit.

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