Are Julia Rose’s Fans Her Only Ones? “Behind the Scenes” Stuff Teased by An Instagram Model!

Instagram star Julia Rose is notorious for breaking down barriers in the social media world, but what about her OnlyFans?

27-year-old For those who don’t know, Julia Rose, who posts under the name @its juliarosee, is a popular Instagram influencer with over 220,000 followers. Her old account had millions of followers until Instagram suspended it.

She is well known in the influencer community and has been linked to Jake Paul and Harry Jowsey in the past. Similar to her exes, she was a cast member on a dating reality show (Are You The One, season 4).

Her admirers are curious to see who her OnlyFans are after she had a fun Instagram live with Corinna Kopf yesterday.

Wondering if Julia Rose Has an Ultimate Fan

Julia Rose does, in fact, have an OnlyFans profile. The model and social media influencer launched her Facebook on February 5 and directed her followers there until yesterday, February 18. She sent links with the message, “I want to show you guys more behind the scenes…but Instagram won’t let me.”

Although Julia had previously published her own digital magazine (Shag Mag), she was hesitant to join OnlyFans. We aimed to create a magazine that would serve as Playboy’s successor in the year 2020.

She previously told a supporter who asked her to join OnlyFans that “who needs OnlyFans when you have Shag Mag.” She previously offered her services for free, but it appears she’s now changed her mind and is now charging $10 a month under the handle @hellojuliarose.

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The Acts She Has Performed in The Past

You may recall Julia Rose as the person responsible for altering the Hollywood sign to read “Hollyboob.” She was allegedly detained together with five others for the crime.

She then explained that her motivation was to bring attention to breast cancer and Instagram’s moderation policies. “Guys… “Hollywood sign is working again,” she tweeted.

That wasn’t his only publicity stunt, though. She was banned for life in October of 2019 for flashing her chest at a World Series game. The group raised their tops for the camera as Gerrit Cole was ready to throw. After the fact, she said she did it to draw attention to breast cancer and promote Shag Mag.

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