Bride Gains Notoriety for Excluding the Bride’s 98-Year-Old Grandmother from The Wedding

A Reddit post by a woman who asked if she was being “the asshole” by not inviting her husband’s 98-year-old grandma to the wedding reception went popular on Twitter.

The future Mrs. Groom posted on Reddit that she and her future Mr. Groom had been having “a huge disagreement about having his grandmother at our wedding.”

The post was shared on Twitter, where it sparked heated controversy as comments poured in.

This Bride’s Decision to Exclude Her 98-Year-Old Husband’s Grandmother from Their Wedding Has Gone Viral

A bride’s Reddit post asking whether she was “the asshole” for declining to invite her husband’s 98-year-old grandmother to her wedding quickly went viral.

She said the pair “decided not to have kids” because they want their reception to be “a massive party” with “dancing, loud music, and an open bar.” The bride doesn’t want the groom’s grandma to attend the wedding for “the same reasons.”

bride gains notoriety for excluding the bride's 98-year-old grandmother from the wedding

Because of this, the grandma who “always dreamed about being at her grandson’s wedding” got into a “big quarrel” with the bride and groom.

Her granddaughter asked her to the ceremony, but the bride thought her grandma would be “too out of place at the reception,” despite the fact that the grandmother insisted she would be fine.

Over 93% of respondents to a Twitter poll agreed that the bride is “the asshole,” making the post go viral almost immediately after it was published. A total of nearly 38,000 people participated in the survey.

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Reactions on Twitter to The “Viral Brides” Thread on Reddit

This attitude is quite concerning to me and a major warning sign, as stated by one of the respondents. As baby boomers, age and start families of their own, the detrimental view that children, the elderly, and the disabled are an inconvenience or burden will inevitably resurface.

Another added, “Let the grandma decide if she feels out of place, and then she can retire early!” And if she does require assistance, the rest of the family will be there to provide it!”

On the other hand, other Twitter users came to the bride’s defense, with one arguing that the grandma “would be a burden with people having to look after her and she should realize that.”

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