Brooke Lehman Said that She Became Pregnant as A Virgin- Entire Story!

Even though she has two kids, TikTok star Brooke Lehman has made quite a stir by telling her audience that she is a virgin.

The influencer posted a video in which she and her partner are introduced as a “virgin couple,” prompting many of her fans to ask her a variety of probing questions in the video’s comments area. Read all of Brooke’s thoughts on the matter below.

Mystery Person: Who Is Brooke Lehman?

TikTok superstar Brooke Lehman has over 197,000 fans and 11 million likes. In addition to raising her two daughters, Addison and Avaleigh, she is a stay-at-home mom.

She’s 21 and engaged right now. In many of her videos, Brooke discusses motherhood and the challenges she faces as a young adult. TikTok posts suggest Brooke got pregnant at age 17 when she was just a teenager herself.

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Words from Brooke Lehman on The Pregnancy?

It has been reported that Brooke Lehman and her fiance have two children despite both of them being virgins. Aren’t you that virgin couple that got pregnant twice by sitting on his lap? asks the title of a recent video showing the family of four. Those who are asked their opinion respond with a chorus of “yeah I am.”

brooke lehman said that she became pregnant as a virgin- entire story

In response to fans’ numerous questions in the comments area, Brooke and her fiance elaborated that she became pregnant while “sitting on his lap.” People weren’t persuaded because babies aren’t naturally capable of doing that.

The “those who say you can’t be a virgin and become pregnant,” to whom Brooke responded in another video, were proven wrong. She and her kid dance to the tune of a song that proclaims, “I am out here living though” in the accompanying music video.

Spoiler: Who Is Brooke Lehman Engaged To?

Coby Meek, the father of Brooke’s two children, is the man she is engaged to. He has over two thousand followers on his private Instagram account.

Ohio is home to Coby and Brooke. Along with her husband and children, Brooke maintains a YouTube channel in which she posts updates and family vlogs.

brooke lehman said that she became pregnant as a virgin- entire story

When Brooke and Coby have a baby, the baby will share Coby’s last name. Their baby due in July 2021 will be the youngest of the three children.

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They’ve known one other for a very long time, Coby and Brooke. Pictures of the couple together in 2017 can be found on Brooke’s Instagram, including a cute prom photo of the young sweethearts.

Sitting on someone’s lap won’t make you pregnant, as is common knowledge. We’ll stop here and let you fill in the blanks of the story.

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