Bts V Was Seen Smoking During the Grammy Awards in 2022

Images of V lighting up during BTS’s stunning Grammy 2022 performance have gained widespread attention.

Was V about to break a cardinal rule of the K-pop idol game? Although this is not the first time fans have reacted negatively after seeing their favourite stars smoking, it is nonetheless worth noting.

The seven-piece band returned to the Grammys stage for the third time this year to perform their nominated song, Butter. ARMY was understandably disappointed that Doja Cat and SZA’s Kiss Me More had beaten them to the best group performance award.

Fans weren’t just upset about that, though; they were also outraged by the internet’s spread of photographs showing V smoking while on break.

See the Most Viewed Picture of V Ever Smoking from Bts Here

In a burgundy Louis Vuitton suit. Supposedly a fan photographed the BTS member smoking with his crew backstage.

Smoking is uncommon among K-pop celebrities since many fans are concerned about their health and see it as a poor role model for the group’s young fans.

bts v was seen smoking during the grammy awards in 2022

In 2017, ARMY was worried about Taemin and Jimin’s closeness after reports surfaced of the SHINee member vaping while the two were together. If the BTS member has started doing this, we don’t know.

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“He’s a Grown Man,” Protect Fans

Not surprisingly, given that vaping is something of a pastime for Taehyung, his behaviours are not surprising. Furthermore, the singer’s defenders point out that he is 26 years old, making him over the smoking age limit of 19 in Korea.

According to a 2017 World Health Organization survey, over half of all adult men in South Korea regularly indulge in tobacco use.

bts v was seen smoking during the grammy awards in 2022

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A supporter tweeted, “I don’t favour smoking but, he’s a 26-year-old grown adult who made the choice to smoke, and at the end of the day it’s his life and we’re nobody to judge, so get a life.”

Rather than criticise him for his habit, people have praised his sexy appearance in the photographs.

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