Do You Know Dontay Banks? Why Is Lil Durk’s Father Behind Bars?

Some of the songs on Lil Durk’s new album 7220, which was released today (March 11), focus on his personal life, especially his relationship with his family.

This rapper’s late niece Dior Banks is the subject of a song named “Love Dior,” which includes references to her departed father.

In 2021, Durk’s brother DThang, a rapper, was fatally shot, and Dior is his daughter. The 2019 release of Lil Durk’s father from prison has piqued fans’ interest in learning more about the family.

Who Is the Father of Little Durk?

Dontay Banks is the father of Lil Durk. He hails from Chicago, but beyond that, not much is known about him. Durk’s father, rapper Dontay, was sent to prison when he was just seven months old, therefore Durk spent his childhood in Englewood, Chicago, with his mother and other relatives.

do you know dontay banks? why is lil durk's father behind bars?

The $8 million in cash and assets in his hands at the time of his arrest were reportedly confiscated.

Several times, Durk has discussed the financial struggles he endured as a kid because of his father’s incarceration.

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Indications for His Imprisonment

In 1993, Chicago police arrested Dontay for crack cocaine distribution. In July of 1994, he and four other men were given life sentences, and he has spent the last almost 26 years behind bars.

At trial, Carneil Simmons, 48, and L.C. Godfrey, 54, said they sold more than 85 kilos of cocaine to Banks between October 1991 and May 1993, as reported by The Chicago Tribune on July 15, 1994.

After his father spent 22 years in prison, Lil Durk filed an appeal and was released in February 2019. The rapper tweeted “Big Durk home!!!! ” to share the good news.

Durk Spouts Off Regarding His Father’s Freedom

In an interview with Streets Rap War published in anticipation of his new album, Lil Durk talked frankly about life now that his father is in it.

do you know dontay banks? why is lil durk's father behind bars?

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As the saying goes, “That’s a huge weight off my shoulders. “I’ve never been one of those people who could say that, so it’s crazy to know I’ve got my mom and dad,” he exclaimed.

It sounds like the two have rejoined after 26 years and are much closer than ever before.

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