Ex-Girlfriend of Edward Centeno Makes Accusations Following Split!

Ex-girlfriend of Arcade Craniacs’ Edward Centeno, Nicole “Nikki,” leveled accusations against him on Instagram on November 22. However, the YouTuber has subsequently spoken out to refute the allegations.

The couple announced their separation months prior to this development. Before they went their own ways, Nicole and Edward had been working together on videos for quite some time. Not much is known about the reasons for their breakup, but Nicole has come forward with some assertions. Edward eventually spoke up as well not long after this.

Instagram Posts from Nicole Were Examined

Nicole said that she was “groomed by my ex starting at age 17 while he was 23” when she was referring to Edward. She even made a passing comment that suggested the story was more complicated than it seemed.

Another tale involved a photo of Nicole and Edward from 2016. She put forward the age of seventeen as her justification. Nicole provided further examples from 2016 social media posts to back up her claims.

While doing so, she remarked, “Literally scroll down and I have early posts from 2016 of him, I just turned 23 and he is soon to be 30!!! Kindly perform the necessary calculations.

And I’m sick of you bringing him up in every single one of my posts as if nothing I do is ever good enough. Actually, I just can’t handle it any longer. Just trying to process what has occurred to me gives me a headache.

ex-girlfriend of edward centeno makes accusations following split

Nicole went on to say that Edward had attempted to befriend her by sending her a few screenshots of their chat. Nonetheless, a week before Halloween, she severed all relationships.

She said, “I literally want to be happy and for everyone to not talk about him every time I post because it is traumatic,” in one of her final tweets. That I’m leaving doesn’t make me a bad person; I just need to move on.

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The Response of Edward Centeno to The Accusations

The YouTuber immediately addressed the claims. To paraphrase his exact words, he exclaimed, “I just cannot fuking believe what the fk I read one Nicole’s article making the phoniest fusing accusation about me. I haven’t even brought up the subject of her in months, so we can finally get on with our lives. However, she feels she must bring up my f*king name every chance she gets in order to save her dwindling relevance.

ex-girlfriend of edward centeno makes accusations following split

In addition, Edward cautioned his audience to be wary of internet information. He elaborated with a second tale, saying, “You know what’s the f**ked up part, a lot of you don’t know know what occurs behind the scenes after we broke up. Is she calling to tell me she’s thinking about me, that she loves me, and that breaking up with me was the worst decision she ever made?

In continuation, the internet celebrity stated, “You know, I haven’t even mentioned anything about Nicole just to keep it private because it was our relationship and nobody else’s.”

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I don’t know what she’s trying to prove or gain some validation from by putting my name out there and making up stories like that to attempt to bring me down since she sees my life as horrible now.

Yet, the YouTuber has not issued a further statement.

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