Friday The 13Th 2022 Memes: Indulge in A Fit of Laughing on Your “Unlucky Day”

Many people believe that Friday the 13th is an “unlucky day,” but it appears that the internet has other intentions, as users are getting ready to share memes to bring some joy to the year 2022.

Almost every year, at least one month will feature a Friday the 13th. In contrast to 2022, when there will be only one Friday the 13th, 2019 will have not one but two such days, on January 13th and October 13th.

People are making plans on how to have fun on the supposedly “unlucky day” in the meantime, with many turning to meme sharing for a good time.

Friday the 13th: Social Media Is Overrun by Memes

Memes are a popular way for people to share their joy and unique personalities on social media. In light of this, it shouldn’t have come as a shock that this past Friday the 13th was no exception.

People were quick to express themselves through memes, and we have selected a few for your viewing pleasure.

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Taylor Swift: Why Is 13 Her Lucky Number?

Don’t be shocked if you start seeing posts where people are making connections between Taylor and the number 13. Everyone who considers themselves a fan of the artist knows that this is her lucky number.

In fact, it’s being said that Taylor might drop a new single on May 13 of 2022. Even though the artist hasn’t given any hints or confirmation, it appears that fans are confident it will occur.

friday the 13th 2022 memes: indulge in a fit of laughing on your "unlucky day"

Taylor explained her fixation on MTV’s cameras. She proclaimed, “I was born on the thirteenth.” Friday the 13th marked my 13th birthday. After only 13 weeks, my debut record reached gold status.

The opening 13 seconds of my first number one hit were the longest. I always seem to end myself in the 13th row, 13th seat, or 13th section whenever I take home a trophy.

Does Friday the 13th Have Any Significance?

According to Mental Floss, “12 gods who enjoyed dinner at Valhalla—the famous hall where great Norse heroes feasted for eternity after they died—were disturbed by a 13th guest, the malevolent and mischievous god Loki.

It was because of this unwelcome thirteenth visitor that the number thirteen became synonymous with a period of mourning for the loss of such potent deities, and thus, bad luck.

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Many individuals have since come to fear the number 13 as a result of this. Nonetheless, there are some who, like Taylor, consider it to be extremely fortunate. In a nutshell, your outlook on the day is the deciding factor.

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