Geraldine Zamora Racaza: Who Really Is She? Meet Raymond’s Ex-Wife Who Was Captured in The Liz Uy Engagement Drama!

Social media users speculated about Geraldine Zamora Racaza, ex-wife of Raymond Racaza, after Liz Uy, celebrity stylist, announced her engagement to her now-fiancé.

According to a Facebook post from a friend, Geraldine’s marriage to tech CEO Raymond was legally dissolved in court in January 2018. In spite of their breakup, they were able to raise a daughter together, Nala.

They’ve been together for a long and even had a kid together in 2017, but it was just this week that Liz Uy announced her engagement to Raymond Racaza.

Interaksyon claims that their connections have crossed over, whereas PhilStar claims that they met in May 2016. The hairdresser was even labeled a “homewrecker” by some of her fans.

Who Is Geraldine Zamora Racaza

Medical expert Geraldine is a regular on Philippine television shows including Med Talk on CNN Philippines. She routinely publishes about both medical and fashion on Instagram, where she has 63k followers.

Both Living Better with Lupus and IM Platinum are books written by the doctor. She also holds the position of vice president of the Hope for Lupus organization.

geraldine zamora racaza: who really is she? meet raymond's ex-wife who was captured in the liz uy engagement drama

On her LinkedIn page, Geraldine states that she earned her medical degree from the University of the Philippines.

A friend of Geraldine’s said on Facebook that she is “a really sweet, soft-spoken, and kind person.” To her, everyone else’s needs came before her own. She was willing to go out of her way for her patients, far beyond what was expected of a doctor.

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Proposal to Geraldine

FashionPulis also announced in August that Geraldine Zamora Racaza, a model, had become engaged to Dr. Lauro “Sonny” Abrahan, a cardiologist.

He initially made an appearance in a group photo with her on Instagram in March 2018, which may or may not be related to the beginning of their relationship.

Based on what we read on FashionPulis, both of Sonny’s parents are highly regarded medical professionals as well.

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