How to See Posts on Instagram that You Liked in 2022?

Many of Instagram’s most widely used features seem to have been relocated in 2022.

They’re likely attempting to make the app more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, but the opposite is happening instead.

This month, a lot of people thought the archive had vanished, but it had just moved. Similarly, the section labeled “Liked Posts” bears the same name. What to do in 2022 to locate it

Advanced Likes Have Moved

Instagram’s Liked Posts section may be overlooked by some users, while for others it’s an essential tool.

This feature is very useful, as it allows you to see all of the posts you’ve liked on the app.

The Instagram Liked Posts function is helpful if you like a photo but then want to go back and look for it at a later time.

how to see posts on instagram that you liked in 2022

Alternatively, you can check to see if you accidentally liked a photo from 2013 when you were stalking someone’s feed.

Users have recently noticed that the option to view “Posts You’ve Liked” no longer appears in “Settings” “Account” and “Posts You’ve Liked.”

No need to freak out if you frequently check your Liked Posts; the feature is still available. It’s still in the app; it’s just in a different location.

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The Proper Way to Access the Content You Have Favorited

  • Launch Instagram and select your image from the menu at the very bottom.
  • Choose a language using the menu (three vertical lines) in the upper right corner.
  • To adjust the settings, click the corresponding button.
how to see posts on instagram that you liked in 2022
  • The first result that comes up when you type “manage likes” into the search bar at the top should be clicked.
  • Voila! Here you can view all the content that you have liked.

The Archive Has Also Relocated

Both Posts and Archives have been relocated.

The term “archive” is used to refer to a saved compilation of all of your past contributions.

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You can not only remove content from your feed by archiving it but your Instagram Stories will also be saved and available to you in one convenient location.

Getting to your saved Stories and older posts will work the same way in 2022 as it did in 2018, it will just take a little more digging to find the button.

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