Magnesium Iron Silicate Hydroxide Tiktok Jokes Described in Situation of Significance!

Humorous videos involving magnesium iron silicate hydroxide are all over the popular video-sharing platform TikTok at the moment. If you are unsure of the significance, read on.

The viral spread of humor and viral videos has been facilitated by the use of social media. As of late, the magnesium iron silicate hydroxide joke has been getting a lot of attention. Although the joke has been around for a while, there are still a few people who don’t get it. Those in the know, on the other hand, can’t help but tell others.

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Many users on TikTok have recently been asking their significant others, “are you magnesium iron silicate hydroxide?” But many people appear perplexed because they can’t respond to that query.

One might be forgiven for thinking it’s an elaborate joke on the scientific community. Users may initially be confused, but after doing some digging, they learn the truth. A crystal’s chemical formula is Magnesium iron silicate hydroxide.

The crystal itself is fine, but the name is the joke. This crystal is known as Cummtonite. After reading this, you will understand the humor, we promise.

Asking if There Are More Tiktok Jokes

Other than this, there are a number of other viral jokes on TikTok. Out of all of them, the Candice joke was the most well-known.

magnesium iron silicate hydroxide tiktok jokes described in situation of significance!

An initial step in the joke is to inquire as to whether or not anyone has heard of “Candice” or what became of her. Most people’s response to this is, “Candice who?” The respondent then says, “Candice d**k fit in yo mouth!”

Many videos uploaded to TikTok, however, are cut off before the user can reply. This had piqued interest in the joke’s meaning. To avoid the same joke, if someone asks you that question, you should not respond in kind.

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Here Are Some Current Trends to Experiment with On the Platform

While it’s true that some of the jokes on TikTok might not be appropriate for all audiences. A person can choose from a number of alternative fashions. You can enjoy yourself without worry because these are completely safe. These tendencies include, at least in part,

Adult Swim Trend

54321 trend

TikTok Starburst trend

The Beer Poster trend

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