Memetic Arkon Mounts ‘VP’ Video Detailed- Cleaved Comments Bashed by Tiktok Users!

A woman caught the vice president of Arkon Mounts making lewd comments about her cleavage during a videotaped competition, and the clip has now gone viral online.

After receiving unwanted advice, Rachel shared that she was participating in the Arkon Mounts tumbler competition. The whole picture is laid out below.

What Does Rachel Have to Say About the Vice President Position at Arkon Mounts?

Using the handle @the.creative.siren, Rachel shared her experience of entering the Arkon Mounts tumbler competition on TikTok.

Rachel included a video clip in her TikTok in which she described how the VP of marketing, identified as Aaron Roth on LinkedIn, had remarked on her breasts instead of her design skills.

memetic arkon mounts 'vp' video detailed- cleaved comments bashed by tiktok users

Rachel appealed to her audience, saying, “TikTok, I need your aid so please don’t scroll.” Furthermore, the artist stated that Roth had spent “6 out of the 8 minutes” talking about her breasts.

The putative VP can be heard saying, “I see something, I say what it is,” in the video.

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Support for The Artist Is Overwhelming

Positive feedback and well-wishes poured in for Rachel after her TikTok video went popular.

The Bellevue University student Cheryl Steede posted the following to her LinkedIn: “Aaron Roth, VP Marketing at Arkon Mount-SHAME ON YOU. It’s astonishing that a corporation would put up with such behavior from a top executive.

Similarly, local companies vowed to sever ties with Arkon Mounts in the TikTok comments. ‘Patricia here from The Glitter Guy, we are standing with you!’, one person remarked. Our partnership with Arkon Mounts has come to an end. They have my deepest sympathies for what they have done to you.

Meanwhile, someone other posted on TikTok, “Ended my relationship with them. You have my support. I’m so sorry that this happened to you. It can’t be allowed to continue.

Afterward, @The.creative.siren pinned a note of gratitude reading, “I just wanted to say thank you so so so much to every one of you. The depth of your care and devotion stuns me. What can I say? You guys are awesome. To whom it may concern, please accept my gratitude.

What do Arkon Mounts Have to Say?

LinkedIn claims that when the popularity of the video increased, Arkon Mounts deleted their Instagram account. The following day, the corporation revealed that Roth had been fired as a result of his disrespectful remarks.

We are aware of a video in which Aaron Roth makes sexual comments about a user who took part in one of our creator contests, the company said in a statement posted to Instagram.

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Continued from the previous page. Roth is no longer employed by Arkon Resources effective immediately.

The victim of this episode and everybody who saw this distressing video has our deepest condolences.

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