NBA Twitter Freaks Out Over Malika Andrews and Dave Mcmenamin Dating Rumors

NBA The recent dating speculation between Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin sent Twitter into a frenzy. Let’s look into their origin and veracity.

When it comes to covering the NBA, Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin are two of the most recognisable and respected journalists in the business.

Dave McMenamin’s primary responsibilities at ESPN are as a TV reporter and beat writer for the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers. Malika Andrew is an ESPN journalist and the current host of NBA Today, which took over for The Jump.

As of May 22nd, speculation on the internet claimed Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin were an item, sending the internet into a frenzy.

Confirmed: Malika Andrews and Dave Mcmenamin Are Dating

There were Twitter rumours that Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin were an item on Sunday night (22 May).

Some speculation linked the two after seeing a photo of them at a public gathering. This picture is from the 2021 premiere of “Colin In Black And White” on Netflix, as reported by Emma McIntyre:

nba twitter freaks out over malika andrews  and dave mcmenamin dating rumors

‘Nah someone tells me this ain’t real,’ the account @LakeShowYo (with over 234k followers) tweeted alongside the photo.

The rumour of Andrews and McMenamin has caused a frenzy among fans. The rumour seemed to send NBA fans into a frenzy, and many commenters expressed genuine shock.

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Is It True that They Are in A Relationship?

Many are curious as to whether Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin are in fact a couple due to the rumours that have been circulating about them. Although neither party has addressed the rumour directly, there has been no history of romance between the two.

The tweet comes from an unclear source. @LakeShowYo, like other popular NBA Twitter accounts (Ball**** Sports, to name just one), has amassed a large following by posting satirical and parodic content that is often humorous but not always accurate.

Due to the lack of evidence, the rumours should be taken with a grain of salt.

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