Onlyfans Model Tori Lynn Became More Viral for Outrageous Allegations Regarding DK Metcalf

After Tori Lynn’s bizarre comments, NFL champion DK Metcalf has become a social media sensation.

The scandalized celebrity is nothing new. Tori, however, has caused consternation by claiming that the Seattle Seahawks receiver approached her about participating in a “foursome.”

She even provided screenshots of what she claimed to be her discussions with DK to substantiate her case.

Exploring Tori Lynn’s Outrageous Conclusions Regarding D.K. Metcalf

The OnlyFans model made these claims on Snapchat, and they were later posted to Egotastic Sports’s official Instagram account.

Tori says in the video that she found out about DK’s alleged desire for a “foursome” from the video itself.

onlyfans model tori lynn became more viral for outrageous allegations regarding dk metcalf

The superimposed text asks, “How is an NFL player going to do me so nasty, not have me sign any disclosure form and trust that I won’t reveal his address on the Internet when he doesn’t have any security?”

She claims that DK initially contacted and asked her to go to Seattle so that the two of them could hang out, but he subsequently changed his mind. According to him, she was getting close to his house when he told her to turn around.

An Exclusive Fan Model Claims that D.K. Was Plotting Something “Foursome”

The next day, Tori posted a few screenshots purporting to depict her interaction with DK.

It shows that around 1:00 a.m., he asked her to leave and return to his house so that they may have a “foursome.” In the screenshot, the text “I was calling to tell you to turn around” can be seen. In an effort to have a foursome, I went and tried to pick up some of the other girls.

Egotastic Sports also published a screenshot purporting to show a request sent to Tori from what is purported to be DK’s Snapchat account.

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No Response from The NFL Star to The Model’s Allegations

DK Metcalf has been very active on social media, but he has yet to address Tori’s allegations.

Today, October 27, just a few hours ago, he tweeted a poster for the 1989 animated film All Dogs Go to Heaven, recommending it to his followers.

Also, just yesterday he posted a very lengthy philosophical comment on one’s outlook on life.

DK may be ignoring the viral videos, despite the fact that they have received a lot of views.

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