See: The X Factor Judge Crushes the Guitars of The Candidates During the Audition!

This week, a film that originally went popular in April 2021 is once again making the rounds online.

Just as startling as it seems, a judge on the Ukrainian version of the British talent show The X Factor can be seen in the tape smashing a contestant’s guitar. To what standard are we being held? I mean, what was he thinking? Check out the video as we dissect it.

A Judge on The Ukrainian Edition of X Factor Smashed a Contestant’s Guitar

There have been a lot of shocking moments on The X Factor, but this one might take the cake.

In April 2021, Dmitry Shurov, a judge on the Ukrainian version of X-Factor, was widely criticized online after he broke a contestant’s guitar during a performance.

The video of the judge getting up from his chair and walking up onto the stage while the candidate is performing has suddenly become popular online again this month.

see: the x factor judge crushes the guitars of the candidates during the audition

Next, he grabs the guitar from his hands and throws it to the ground in a fit of rage because the judge didn’t approve of his performance.

When asked by his other judges, “Have you got it out of your system?” he calmly said, “yeah, I’m beyond calm, I’m completely peaceful,” before lamenting the day’s disappointment.

Social media users have pointed out that the instrument was a gift from Dmytro’s late father, adding an extra layer of sadness to his hasty decision.

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Dmitry Shurov

Ukrainian musician Dmitry Shurov plays piano, composes music, and sings and writes songs.

The 40-year-old Kiev resident served as a judge on both Seasons 8 and 9 of the Ukrainian version of X-Factor.

As a musician, he has played the piano for three groups: Okean Elzy, Esthetic Education, and Zemfira. The musician attended Kyiv National Linguistic University after completing his education in Limoges, France, and the state of Utah, United States.

Exactly What Occurred Next?

Dmitry was widely criticized after he was shown on Season 9 of X-Factor Ukraine breaking a contestant’s instrument.

Nonetheless, as of this writing, it appears that no disciplinary action has been taken against him.

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