Social Media Hoax Debunks ‘Deez Nuts Guy’ Welven Da Great Is Not Dead!

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The unfounded death rumours about Welven Da Great keep popping up. This article dispels social media fraud.

It doesn’t take long for false claims to spread on social media, and many individuals fall prey to false death rumours because of it.

False rumours and death hoaxes frequently target famous people and others with significant online followings. The latest celebrity to be the subject of online harassment is Welven Da Great.

Where Has Everyone Heard About Welven Da Great?

Welvin Harris, often known as Welven Da Great, is a popular internet figure.

As a result of his comic skit “Deez Nuts,” he became a household name. There has been a significant increase in his online following and fame since then.

social media hoax debunks 'deez nuts guy' welven da great is not dead

A total of 108k people are following Welvin on Instagram. His profile is filled with pictures of him with famous people like DJ Khaled and Amber Rose.

His fan base appears to be expanding daily, and he frequently shared photos with his followers.

Scam Buster: The Death of Welven Da Great

Welven Da Great is not deceased, contrary to popular belief. This is supported by a recent interview featuring Welvin on World Star, in which he appears to be in excellent health. The video’s speaker appealed to the online celebrity’s other followers to “stop harassing” him or her and terminate the fabricated news coverage.

This summer, @1toneowilliams dispelled yet another urban legend about Welven Da Great on social media.

A death hoax spread quickly after an obituary appeared for Welvin on DeadDeath, and many of his followers perpetuated the lie by sharing it online.

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Opinions Exchanged on Twitter

False information spread rapidly over social media, leaving many individuals upset.

Someone reportedly declared, “Welven Da Great Is Not Dead. Two tagged posts appeared the day after the article was published, each with the number 11. Deathdead Is Not a Legit Website.

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