The Allegations that Lionel Messi Died in A Car Accident Are Completely False!

After a car accident in 2022, many people believed a social media hoax that Lionel Messi had died. But this is not the case. He is still active on the football team.

Now that more and more people rely on the internet as their primary source of news, they may be more likely to believe false stories they read there. When a few others learned of Messi’s death through tweets and videos, a similar thing happened.

Busting the Myth of A Lionel Messi Car Accident

People’s minds were blown and hearts were broken as they saw videos and messages claiming Lionel Messi had died in a vehicle crash in Paris.

Tweets announced, “Breaking News!” Lionel Messi was killed in a car crash at 7:38 a.m. local time in Paris. “Lionel Messi’s awful death has been confirmed by a Paris hospital. R.I.P. Legend,” reads one, with another reading “R.I.P.

the allegations that lionel messi died in a car accident are completely false

All of these false tweets were given extra credibility by appearing to have been posted by established media organizations. In reality, though, he is very much alive and well.

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This Is Not the First Case of A Death Hoax

A number of other well-known people have also been the targets of death hoaxes in the past. After several people reported receiving the message “R.I.P. Oprah,” it recently targeted Oprah Winfrey.

Many people assumed the TV personality had passed away as a result. In addition, the text message contained a link that recipients were directed to if they were interested in reading the complete report.

But Oprah has been successful as of late as well, just like Messi. It’s feasible that the text messages were part of a hoax designed to gain publicity, in which case Oprah’s name may have been utilized.

What to Do if You See Such Posts

Please report any social media content you believe may be spreading disinformation as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, you can do this on any single social networking platform.

the allegations that lionel messi died in a car accident are completely false

To report a post, simply click the three dots to the post’s right, or select the option and decide to report. Determine which answer most closely fits the description of the position being filled.

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Also, before putting too much stock in anything you read online, please make sure the source is reputable.

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