The Real Reason Nancy Pelosi Is Getting Burned on Twitter Over Her Eyebrows!

A Twitter roast has just been directed at Nancy Pelosi, and it’s all because of her eyebrows. Internet users are taking a vacation from Joe Biden and Donald Trump in favor of the Democratic Speaker as the subject of a new Twitter meme.

People on social media have been reacting negatively to the 81-year-eyebrows, old’s which has led to her sudden popularity this week.

Twitter Users Criticize Nancy Pelosi’s Brows

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently discussed the Republican Party’s efforts to undermine democracy in an appearance on CBS’s Face The Nation. But it wasn’t what she was saying that got people talking.

Due to the intrigue of her eyebrows, the video has gone popular on Twitter, with over 1.6 million views as of January 11th. Her eyebrows and forehead were unmoving while the politician spoke. Her eyes were glued to her face, unblinking and unmoving. It appears like they are also going upwards on her face.

the real reason nancy pelosi is getting burned on twitter over her eyebrows!

Somebody tweeted, “What were @SpeakerPelosi’s eyebrows doing?”

“I wish my expectations for my nation were as high as Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows,” commented someone else.

Another individual chimed in, “Even #NancyPelosi eyebrows are attempting to escape away from her face!” “Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows are higher than the debt ceiling,” another jokingly put it.

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Tuck Carlyle Likens Her to Jackson and Says, “She’s Like Michael Jackson”

TV broadcaster and Republican political pundit Tucker Carlson of the United States responded to the footage when it went viral, calling Nancy’s eyebrows “questionable.”

On his political talk show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, on Fox News, he made the following statement:

“If you were sitting on the couch yesterday and randomly surfing the channels (it being Sunday, after all), you might have gotten the shock of your life if you flipped the channel far enough.”

The comedian Michael Jackson made fun of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on the show Face the Nation, saying of her, “This appeared to be a live version of the international popstar that news reports said died of a drug OD more than a dozen years ago.”

the real reason nancy pelosi is getting burned on twitter over her eyebrows!

He then aired a clip of Nancy Pelosi’s appearance on CBS and remarked, “See, Michael Jackson. Jokingly saying, “That was him, uh huh, uh huh,

No more Billie Jean; he’s allegedly given up on music and is instead spreading falsehoods about politics. The same guy, you can’t forget Michael Jackson’s face if you’ve seen him. Yet it must be said that he has had quite a bit of work done since we last saw him.

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Candace Owens

Canice Owens, an American novelist, talk show broadcaster, and political analyst, has also joined the discussion concerning Candace Owens’ eyebrows.

What doctor did this to Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows should serve a long time in prison, she tweeted. This will haunt you forever, Nancy.

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