Trump Impeachment Trial Memes: Twitter Reacts

Memes on Twitter have been pouring in ever since Donald Trump was found not guilty in his second impeachment hearing. The best Trump acquittal memes are collected here.

The verdict following Trump’s impeachment was anticipated with much anticipation. In the wake of its release, opinions were divided online. Meanwhile, a few others opted to discuss the event using memes.

In the Wake of The Verdict, Trump Finally Speaks Out

For the first time since leaving office, former President Trump has issued a public statement. Trump issued a statement instead of using Twitter, where he remains temporarily blocked.

Trump stated in the statement, “This has been just another aspect in the greatest witch hunt in the history of our Country.” We’ve had the toughest three months of any president in history, and it shows no signs of letting up because our opponents simply refuse to let go of the fact that over 75 million people voted for us last November—more than any other sitting president in history.

Trump’s attorneys were seen rejoicing after the verdict was announced. It appears that the internet was equally busy, with numerous memes trending on Twitter.

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Memes on Trump’s Dismissal

Following Trump’s impeachment trial, we scoured the internet for relevant memes and collected a few of our favorites below.

On Twitter, Trump is viewed as an unbeatable frontrunner.

The internet‘s version of events on the trail:

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