Twitter: The Dream Face Leak Was a Fraud- What Did He Actually Say?

The dream has resorted to Twitter to confirm that the recently viral “face reveal” was phony.

On Wednesday (10 June), thousands of Dream’s admirers went crazy on Twitter after a photo purportedly of the YouTuber surfaced online. The dream is a VTuber, or Virtual YouTuber, which means he hides his identity behind a screen name and never reveals his true identity in his videos.

The dream has now stated on his private Twitter that the photo was not of him. His exact words are as follows:

The dream proved the viral “face reveal” was a hoax. On Thursday, June 11th, Dream used his private Twitter account (@DreamHangout) to discredit a viral photo that falsely purported to be of him.

Dream Stated on Twitter that The Photograph Was a Forgery

If someone doesn’t like me, they’ll go to any length to find a reason to dislike me. It’s not as satisfying as you may imagine mocking the appearance of strangers with the phrase “leaked Dream face!! Since I’ve been using YouTube, I’ve seen it twice a day. It has negative health effects, is disgusting, and makes no sense.

What Dream meant was that many people started body shaming the guy in the photo after the false ‘face reveals’ went viral on Twitter.

twitter: the dream face leak was a fraud- what did he actually say

Another tweet from Dream read: “Death threats, suicide encouragement, and harassment isn’t the tremendous win they think it is. A screenshot or story fabrication is not acceptable.

Sometimes Twitter seems like the most absurd place ever. There’s so much animosity and nonsense on there. Continually keep in mind the importance of sharing joy and hope. Continue to look happy, he said.

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He Again Used His Public Twitter Account to Post a Fake “face Reveal.”

After being so candid on his personal Twitter, Dream has opted to keep things more humorous on his public account.

In one passage, he writes, “resolved to face reveal…” please try to be courteous: admirers’ interest in him revived with the prospect of seeing him as he really is.

However, as you can see in the attached image, it’s merely a stock photo of a man made by a computer. Thanks again for Dream’s faked racial disclosure, which was obviously a joke.

Sham “face Reveal” Body-Shamers Get Ripped Apart by Fans

People on Twitter are still criticizing individuals who shared the photo and “fat-shamed” the man in it.

My point is that the false Dream face leak exposed the fat-shaming attitudes of some of you. Sounds like you guys have been holding it in for far too long. So think about who you are!” one individual pleaded.

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Another participant in the discussion remarked, “I get why a lot of faceless YouTubers don’t reveal their face. The ‘fake dream leak’ and the responses to it are horrible. Also, keep in mind that even if it’s possible it isn’t Dream himself, that is a real person shown there. all of you are horrible.

What really irritated me was when dream haters posted a picture of some kid and claimed it was Dream’s face reveal. “Their fatphobia leaped out, and they started bashing dream for ‘being a catfish,’ and then they started sharing phony tweets,” a third individual chimed in.

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