What Does the April Is Grey, Roses Are Red Meme Mean and Why Is the Justin Timberlake Fad so Significant?

Roses are red, and April is a grey month: the meaning of the internet meme. No matter how long you search, you’ll always find something fresh to follow online.

There is always something new appearing on our social media feeds, whether it be a challenge, a meme, or a viral video.

The “Roses are Red, April is Grey” joke has recently made a comeback on the internet. The two poetic sentences and a picture of Justin Timberlake are featured in the meme. Many people find this yearly joke about Justin Timberlake to be humorous, but nobody seems to know where it started.

The Roses Are Red, April Is Grey Meme

The Roses are Red meme is easy to understand. Poem lines 1 and 2 are a small variation of the well-known “roses are red, violets are blue” rhyme scheme.

what does the april is grey, roses are red meme mean and why is the justin timberlake fad so significant

After this, there’s a new line of text that adds a small twist to the meme. A few days was the original line of text, however, this has been changed in several meme iterations.

These phrases are then followed by a photograph of Justin Timberlake, frequently with the words “It’s Gonna Be May” superimposed on the photo.

I’m Curious as To the Origins of The Meme

NSYNC spoof meme “Roses are Red,” also known as “It’s Gonna Be May,” is amusing.

The appropriate NSYNC tune is “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

The song is used as the basis for the meme since the word “me” is consistently pronounced as “May” due to the singer’s accent.

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Coronavirus Twist

A new spin on the It’s Gonna Be May meme has emerged in response to the recent COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

what does the april is grey, roses are red meme mean and why is the justin timberlake fad so significant

Numerous internet users have repurposed the meme to refer to being quarantined till May as a result of self-isolation and quarantine legislation in various parts of the world.

This is another piece of evidence that when things go rough, humor is the first thing people reach for.

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